Hey there ?,
its SUNNY 32 here. We missed out 31. There was one specific reason for that. My phone died – haha its not really a big deal except for my data. That is still pissing me off, but hey it is how it is. 
Not the worst situation — there comes a new reason to buy a new phone ?. 
It actually happened on the SUNNY-DAY, last sunday. During the week I wan to set up my camera and guess what. Its not turning on. WTF?!
Live is kidding sometimes. I’m not sure what I have done in the last time, but I belief in karma, may I deserve it. 
I droped the camera to a private guy how is normaly reparing cameras. The clue for me is – after 9 month.. really Sony? I didn’t even used the camera much. SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS. 
But I can’t change it now. Hopefully it is not a big deal. 
On thursday night Nick and me went to the casino again. He wanted to play poker and I was hanging around at the machines. Made 4$ profit ? Another reason to go to the casino is that we can play FIFA and other games for free. That night there was a lottery for free with a hughe price about 10k$. You only need to get a wristband with a number. No data nothing else. They pulled the number at 10 pm and the winner had 2 minutes to get to the counter otherwise they pull another one, It seemed that the first number was gone and not at the casino anymore. This number didn’t make it to reach the counter in 2 minutes. They pulled another number – my number was 11387 … They started to call out the number 1……..1………3………. Nick and me just watched our wristband ?………..5…….. Nick said okay fack it lets go ?. 
The winning number was 11350. But during all that (happens all within a minute) we also saw someone running around (there have been approx. 2000 people). Yep here we go – the previous winner showed up –  maybe 30 sec. – 1 min to late. Does that guy has even worse karma than I do? I felt really bad for him. He was younger than as. That is really bad.  
Carry on to the happy news – the outcoming of my camera drop is – no one can repair it and I have to send it to the north Island. Because on the north Island is the only store which applys SONY SERVICE in NZ who can POTENTIALY repair my camera.  Nice. That means I wont have a camera for the start of my trip. How excited is that? I spent more than 1000€ to take pictures while traveling. Its not gonna happen and I end up spending even more money and waiting for it aroun 5-6 weeks. Thanks karma I reckon?! 
What I havent told you yet, I finished work this week. After 7 month working for this company thay ripped me off at the and aswell. They didnt pay me all of my money I am suppose to get. If you are reading this and you are might planning to work in Christchurch. I can’t recommend my agency. You are money and no more – also in the end you don’t earn what you deserve. They did it in a smart way too. Ripped me off before christmas I have to wait to come back to them.  
It seems like a bad time, but it’s not for me. I know whats coming and maybe I can’t save all of it on camera, but that does’nt change my excitment. #can’twait.
The weather down here was also not really good this week. But we still wanted to do a BBQ on saturday. Nick needed to do shopping and I needed a few things for the BBQ. 
Fack people are so bad with timing. Eveyone is buying there gifts during the last week. Let me guess – you aswell?  ? The weather was so good in the morning. 
But during the day the weather changed in to the worst. I started poring – Really bad.  Josh had a plan. Cass and him borrowed a small pavillion from anywhere (not sure).
Josh said. We have a bbq doesn’t matter whats gonna happen. 
We had a good evening and a few friends from cass came over. I was really tired because of my sleep rythm so I went to bed quite early. 
Today was just cleaning up pretty much. 
There won’t be a SUNNY-POST next week. I enjoy myself @ the rythm and alps festival on new years eve. 
See you next year back here. I will be traveling. We have a look how I can take pictures. Maybe you pass by on youtube. There is much more upcoming.
Happy Christmas, Happy new Year and see you in 2019! ? Dont forget to do me a favor and follow me on my social media for new year! ? Thanks
Following  get you into the next year:
„Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate. Just get rid of everything going wrong and make it go right. Sometimes, you need to delete a number Color your hair. Quit your job (AND TRAVEL THE WORLD!). Purge all the negativ things and focus on all the positive. Just do it!.“