Okay straight into your face –

this is imortant to me and I wanna let you know. I got in to personal development around 2 years ago. Ever since I try to improve my self everyday. Not everything works out and thats okay.
So why is this post here? Trust me – just read it. You will not regret it. Just wanna let you know quick.
My website and blog is based on my idea – get people to travel. But especially these people who are scared about traveling alone or to traveling at all  – that these people do the one step. Show you and everyone else who beautiful it can be and even If Mr. problem is showing up —> you will go through, you figure it out and you will carry on.
Life is beautiful and I wanna show you the world through my eyes! 

I think this period of time is toxic.

The world communication between people in real life is about to take off .We are staying next each othe, but instead to talk we choose to check our phone. Maybe we got a message from someonelse. Do you even thought about that? Maybe it hurts, that you take out your phone that often, you kinda showing that the phone is more important to you than the person you are with.
How would you feel about that? 
Its just a friendly reminder to giver other people more respect/time/love they deserv it. Now what I try to say is we lose.
But this post is not about connection to other people in general. Its about the most important connection on earth. The connection to your inner self. We are losing ourself because of social media, youtube, netflix and whatever. If there is a free second, we will spend it, looking for attention from people who gives a fuck about you.

Or we run.

Run away from problems. We are leaving the real world and hopeing that the problems are gone when we return. But thats not gonna happen. We arent honest to ourself. I know its not easy. Try to spent more time with yourself. For yourself. 
Stay healthy. Read books. Go for a trip alone. Its time to reconnect with yourself within. This period of isolation from ourselfs has one big advantage – the freedom to be perfectly you. 
Dont get me wrong, spending time with  yourself – „alone“ should not be seen as lonely. Set up your life – clearly! What is it you are most ambitious about? Do that instead of a job you dont like or your parents want you to do. 
 The upcoming part is not written by my hand. I got goosebumps and I thing this part could have a hughe impact for a lot of people! 
-„By seeking love outside of ourselves, we lose sight of the love we have within; we are calibrated to find the missing piece — or our other half — yet we are already whole. Through seeking acceptance from others, we diminish our own sense of purpose. And through searching for our dreams to be realized by the touch of another’s hand, we forget that we are innately the creators of all we desire to nurture. We fear being alone and standing as one, yet it can create an entirely new structure to our life. How can we ever know the true wonder that lies within our own soul if we are too afraid to be alone with it? Alone time is when we take charge of opening our own parachute. It is when we learn that we can fly solo when we need to. When we bravely tap into our own resolve, we find there is less to fear within ourselves and others. 
Wolves know their strengths both inside and outside of the pack. They endure and heal their own wounds, trust their own judgement, and grow stronger when left to their own devices. They don’t seek external permission to survive, exist, or to independently walk their desired path.
The beauty of a ‘lone wolf’ mentality is found in the ability to be able to detach when needed and be a greater version of yourself for it. It is realizing that your own measure, value, and drive for fulfilment relies solely on you; and that this is where all your inner power flourishes…
Rather than deny, fear, or fight against being alone, we can look for the gems and riches within it. We can stop hiding and discover the priceless value of ourselves.
When we can stand strong on our own, then we naturally stand stronger and more beautifully with others. In appreciation of our own charming spirit we can cherish another; in strengthening our own inner radiance, we become a beacon that encourages others to blaze theirs; and in finding our own truth, we come to treasure honesty and authenticity all around us.
We may never know the full veracity of what we hold within; our downfall is that we frequently underestimate everything that makes us so special and innately flawless. Our strength lies in realizing that we cannot find our gifts in others — we can only seek them out ourselves. Through our challenges, heartbreaks, and adversities we get the opportunity to journey into our own inner settings and discover another part of our magic and mystery. Through our own sincerity, wholeheartedness and inner confidence we become unparalleled and rooted to our unique pathway. We ignite and fuel our self-belief and stand tall at the door of our hopes, dreams and ambitions.
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
– Buddha
Expectations weigh heavily upon the framework of all we are; they sit so high on a pedestal that always seems too distant to reach. It is a pedestal that only exists in the eyes of the person that built it, so it will always be unattainable. In venturing to please and pacify our family, friends, or partners and their expectations, we succumb to an inherent loss and detract from our own centre of beingWe can lose ourselves in the shapes and silhouettes of other people when we lack the integrity and conviction to trust the beauty of whom we are, seperate from all expectations and assumptions.
We reach stages of evolution and progression that people around us may not always understand. They only see the person they know or grew up with, not the person you may be transitioning into! Trusting our own path may mean lovingly moving away or stepping back from an environment or its expectations, if they do not support or encourage our growth.
This requires great strength. We can decide to release other people’s misconstruals of our essence and break free from the suffocation of their opinions. We can choose to take ownership and faithfully trust in our journey with a new-found wisdom, grace and richness in our autonomous power. Our intricate tapestries of calibre and courage are enhanced when we immerse ourselves in our own space and find glory in the ascension of our own heroic signature. We can elevate ourselves to a self-sufficient love, truth, and emotional freedom, and to all it takes to create our own happiness. Happiness is fragile; it is only what we master from within that has the capacity to last.„-
Source: Goalcoast  written By Christine Evangelou all copyrights belong to them. 
My goal is to show you – how beautiful and awesome life could work out for every single one of you. Traveling is just a small part, but a big opportunity to find an easy access to yourself. While traveling you will sorround yourself with a lot of people, who have similar mind set.. or even complete different.
You can decide If you transfer and what – you have learned – in to your life. I just wanna show that the world is beauftiful and life is short. You are not stuck in your usual circle of work and habits. Thats why you will know yourself more – specialy after traveling. 
Let me know on Instagram – @fackthisiamout or here in comments what do you think? Was it a waste of time? Should I do that more often? 
See you and thank you for your time.