Hello my lovely friends,

how is life goin? good? ? Happy for you. 

I reached the point where my visa last less than half of the time until it runs out. (less than half a year)

Thats scary, because I didnt realize the time passing by that fast and I am always telling other people – „use your time, its worth more than money and gone so fast.“ And now I facked up at this point aswell. But hey I now what to do now ?. Change it.

Thaaaat have been a long week at work. We cleaned the complete side on monday because of the bad weather last week – CHECK MY LAST POST IF YOU HAVENT YET – Because of that and the weak ground, we couldnt stay everywhere with the scissors lift and carry on with our work so we had to do something else. Yea looking for work while working is not much fun to be honest. But the week past by anyway.

We had a long weekend. Friday was public holiday. ? 

So me and Saskia – she was back in town – decided to do a small roadtrip to Kaikoura. Kaikoura is a touristic town two and a half hours north of Christchurch. If you wanna do whale and dolphin watching you can do it down there. I mean there a several spots around NZ but thats the closest one to the biggest airport on the South Island – Christchurch.

Also the drive is awesome. The last hour befor arriving you are driving down a coast highway. Pretty dangerous, because you wanna see this beautiful street/coast/way/mountain awesome natur spectacle. But you also have to watch the street the lanes are not that wide! Really Important! If you are new to the country or havent been left hand driving befor – just be a passenger first! Kiwis cant drive and sorry that I have to say it in that way but – also asians have no idea how to drive! And thats not the first time I was close to push one of the asians of the street. The streets are almost one lane highways or streets. Every few km’s there is a passing line (overtaking lane). 

For one or two km’s there is the chance to overtake until its gonna be a single lane again. My example happened on the way back. I have been driving on the overtaking lane a few cars on the left side. Just a few meters infront of me was a RAV4 (toyota suv) from APEX a car rental – If u read that on the back of cars. BE AWARE! Those people are not from here! And probably have no idea what they are doin. The RAV4 was driving behind a big camper van. And still have in mind I was overtaking with around 110 km/h. – Speedlimit is 100, but the overtaking lane is that short you have to go a bit faster! Okay back to topic. So I was really close, suddenly the RAV4 was going on my lane. Without setting his indicator or driving faster. I had to jump on the brake and nearly reduced my speed to 30 or 40 km/h. The problem, I also had a few cars overtaking behind me. So I had to hope that nobody is crashing in to my car and I also had to look after the situation infront of me. I hit the horn for lets say 10 minutes. It almost felt like that. It was maybe just 20 seconds but to be honest my heart was running faster as my car. Why is that so important? If you ever come to NZ or Australia be aware of that! Seriously! 

Back to topic –  so the coast is looking awesome. but I was not able to take good pictures or do drone shots. I lost always the reception 

with my phone. But dont worry I will do this again. I will show you all of that. Just keep on reading SUNNY! I mean 5 minutes every sunday doesnt hurt and its a really good habit ?. 

It was fucking hot on friday. We were suppose to do a walk on the coastline but we decided to do that the day after because it was to hot. We piked up fish and chips and took a seat at the beach. 

But seriously, dont do that. To many really annoying seagulls. And If you are in NZ and around the coast… always go for fish and chips.. its the cheapest food and you get a ton! 

Thats awesome and tasy. We paid 16$ for 2 lemon fish, 1 scoop chips (cant compare – lets say… A LOT!) and 2 sausages. 

We couldnt eat everything so we had the sausages for dinner. ? 

After we chilled at the beach we had a look at the shops down the esplanade. Saskia bought Cards against humanity in a book shop ? I guess I should buy it also anywhere else. ? Best game ever. 

While walking along the esplanade we also walked a few steps along the beach. And yea lets say… nothing?! No words needed…

In the evening we went to a holarious spot. Cant show you who it looked like but may the pictures helped but they dont come even close to the reality.

We sat there for the rest of the day. Maybe 2-3 hours. It has been awesome. While we where sitting there I want to prepare the bed. 

I bought an airmatress. It is suppose to be selfinflatable… yea turns out its nooot ! So we rushed down to new world, because sometimes the shops have campingequip and we were hoping for an air pump. Ehm naaaaaa… Not really. We drove back to the spot because it was already half past six and all shops were closed. But a hughe caravan was parking next to us.I asked them If they have an air pump. They denied for our bad. ? Our last option blow it up. No other choice. But luckly it didnt take long. Our bed was ready. Yeiii. 

But we thought we shouldnt wait for the sunset because the weather was not good enough to see the sun through the clouds. We drove down to our campside which was 20 minutes out of town. But partwise over 6 km gravelroad. I was worried first but it turned out that it wasnt a problem at all. But also it was one of the greatest susnsets ever. Shit happens. We drove along the gravelroad and crossed an old bridge above a river. That looked fucking awesome so I said to Saskia we have to wake up early and take some pictures in the morning. 

The campside was so packed ? But we could stay at a small part of the side. We could sleep in our car so easy peasy.

We did also a small walk but it was dark already. It was more like a good night walk. You couldnt see shit but you could hear the river.

We went to bed around 9 pm and woke up 6 am on the next morning. It was raining. We set up our stuff brushed our teeth and drove down to the bridge. It was awesome. Even in the soft rain. 

We drove down to the walk, there are really clean toilets and also a clean sink. Just in case you needed to hear that. Just a tip If you are around – Backpacker note. 

We went down to the coastline. There should be some seals. We saw them from the parking spot so we decided to walk down to the seals first. 

And hey what can I say have never been so close to wild seals. Never notice seals as awesome animals but If you are close its a nice feeling. Just If you „meet“ a seal in nature. Never walk between the seal and the water. He will attack you. Because you block his escape way. Its a nature reaction. It didnt happen, but I read it so maybe something to keep in mind for you. 

We have been to the walk really early around 7 am. There have been so many seals but I couldnt take pictures of the babys. My lens is not good enough for that. But still pretty close and awesome ?. 

Animals are beautiful. 

Afterwards we did the walk. Beautiful coastline and I can imagine even more beautiful when the weather is clear. The walk is just going along the coast you can see heaps of seals and seagulls. And I am not starting to talk about the smell. Not bad just ocean. So awesome. I love it. 

Afterwards we drove back because it took us 2 hours to do the walk and we had to do some stuff back in christchurch. And there happened the shit I wrote before… Yea keep in mind – watch out. When we have been back I also started to play pokemon ? I am a bit disapointed to much pokemon go is involved. In the evening my flatemates went for the movies ? We grabed a drink before. We headed to see – fantastic beasts and where to find them 2 – awesome movie. Also the first part. If you havent seen it. Go for it. I can recommend both! 

Today is sunday again and its more organizing shit. Saskia is leaving tomorrow, I have a few car view appointments, we cooked and went shopping. I needed shorts and shirts and she needed a few things. Thats pretty much it. I took me a bit to write the text and now I have to go trough 20 gb of pictures from Kaikoura to find a few good ones ?. So maybe the post is a bit late. See you next SUNNY -DAY! YOUR NEW HABBIT ?.