How you doin? 

I’m not to bad at the moment. My present situation – 26.03 of march: sitting on an old chair in manegere bridge libary in Auckland and try to rebuild everything what happened in the last two month. Okay lets see…

Greymouth was the worst time ever. ? No! Not really, but we have been there for the worst sportevent I have ever seen. The Superbowl 2019. What the f*ck was that? Shame on you american football. Okay you can’t expect every game with much drama as possible, but the completw package was not really impressive. Also a really bad halftime show. We thought we can go to a big pub and have good food and enjoy the day. Never mind! We ended up watching the game in a shitty pub with no food – meant for us: McDonalds ? after the game. We spent the rest of the day on the campsite to talk about where to go next. 

What was the next spot we went to? Pancake Rocks!

But before we drove there we splitt our group because Anna, Malte and Gabi wanted to take a surf lesson and left for Westport (supposed to be a good surf area). So Milena took a few things out of Annas car for 2-3 days until we see each other again. Because we would go to Abel Tasman area straight after that. 

I think I was expecting to much of the pancake rocks, because I have seen so many pictures of those. They are still nice, but not that special to me. The area was not as big as expected. But I give you a shot to decide yourself –

Next day next adventure? Naaaa not in this case. Cynthia had a bad hangover and I was just tired as fuck. We did a small walk called Charming Creek. But not really necessary to show you pictures. We jumped into the car afterwards and drove to Abel Tasman. That was a really long ride. And of course the girls were sleeping almost the complete drive ?. 

Our activitys for Abel Tasman: 

walking parts of the great walk and get a water taxi for return and the next day a kayak tour. 

The day we did the big walk we had to be in Kaiteriteri around 8.30 we arrived early to eat breakfast at the beach. Good decision. The sunrise was so nice. We booked our tour including a watertaxi which took us almost to the top. We had to walk down a few hours to get to another drop and pick up area where we could enter the boat again for the return. At this time there has been a big bushfire around Nelson for weeks. A lot firefighters all over New Zealand have been in Nelson to get the fire under control. The smoke was wandering all the way up to the Abel Tasman and you could smell it and it has been cloudy too. Our drop station was: Tonga Quary Bay and our pick up spot was: Anchorage Bay. The walk suggestions has been 6 hours – we did it in 3 1/2 hours –> Problem: our Watertaxi was booked for 3 hours later. The beach was really busy we didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t relax there, because it has been really windy and also been cold. There was another boat from this company coming earlier – we just jumped on this one and got returned save ?.  After all this we took a cold shower at the Kaiteriteri beach an drove to subway because we didn’t want to cook anymore on this day?. 

Next day straight away we jumped into the kayaks. We booked a tour which was really expensive. But we wanted to do that. This tour also included going up – leave the Kayak there and walk down to the start point again. That was nice. Our small girl Milena was in the single Kayak. Cynthia and me have been in the double… yea it was close that we almost killed each other ? ? Happy Birthday by the way frenchy <3. We did see seals close to us and a stingray in the beginning too. 


Here you go some pictures of Abel Tasman:

There it was – our last trip – Wharariki Beach


For me the most magical place on the South Island. We went there early in the morning and we had low tide. 

I was not really expecting much when we arrived at the carpark. It was a shitty carpark not really built for tourism. But I thought its a popular spot. Normaly it’s built in a better way If it is very busy. I have been thinking – We will see… 

We have been waiting for the others. After those arrived we went down to the beach. This place made me speechless. I can’t even explain. It’s big and also really small. There are caves and holes in big rocks. We went total random into one cave and I just saw at the end of the cave there have been sitting a small baby seal and his mother (that’s what I think). We left them in peace. And also never get between a seal and the water. The seal is going to attack you, because you take his emergency way of him in case of danger. We walked along the beach and had a closer look to another rock and there have been so many baby seals and parent seals playing around and lying in the sun. That was so close to us. 

I just loved it. After this we went back to the car…there was the time for saying goodbye. 

Those three wanted to stay in this area and have a look for work. Cynthia, tiny Milena and me needed to head to Chrischurch so we did split up. How was the rest of our trip? I will tell you in the next post. I will try to update everthing now. Don’t miss out my Instagram for big things coming up! 

See you soon ? safe travels – and keep in mind the world is yours.