how is life goin? Pretty good I can say. Our crew has such a great time and we going through new adventures almost every day.

Thats so nice. And I can’t wait to show you!

So what happened after we left the slope point?

Our day nine of the trip was about to take a rest day at the beach. A free campsite next to the beach –  MONKEYISLAND. So nice, but I would not stay longer. (This blog title is based on our trip from monkeyisland to queenstown)

The next day we went for the kepler track. But not the complete great walk – it is already booked out to mid march. We did only the way up to the first hut and back again. What should I say? Horrible walk. EXHAUSTING! My problm with this walk is. There is nothing on the way. You walk through the woods. Two and a half hours just uphill and than the last 40 minutes on top leave you speechless… have a look for the pictures.
 After arriving at the hut I relaxed and also did a 10 minutes cave track thats about the day. Because the rest of the day I went downhill ?. It was really hot.
What dou you think? Would you do it? I am not sure. But I am totaly sure about the next area. Milford Sound Area.
I did there the best hike I have ever done yet. I will show you. So whats the story behind?
We slept on a DOC campsite on milfor sound road to be close to the walks and everything. I cant recommend it if you wanna only stay one night. Basic campsites which are very expensive. And you can’T sneak around because the check all of these sites really early in the morning If you have paid or not. 
I woke up at 4.30 am because I had to drive down to Te Anau (30 minutes drive) to the petrol station. I needed to fill up my car because Milford Sound area is based on one street. You can only drive up and down. There is no super market or anything. Nothing and if you wanna do as much as u can in this area you need to drive up and down because the last campsite is halfway of the road (aprox. 50 km to milford sound). That means you have to drive up and down. Anyway my plan was to start the Rotburntruck to the key summit that morning. That is also a great walk. We wanted to meet up around 11 at milford sound. We needed to organized that before because there is no reception at all. The track should take around 3 to 4 hours thats why I left that early.
After I have been to Te Anau I drove up again to the startspot of the track. But the weather didn’t want this to happen. 
When I arrived it was so foggy the clouds have been in the trees of the parking lot already. It wouldn’t make any sense to do the track. First of all its facking dangerous and also you climb up and can’t see anything. My Idea was to eat some breakfast and wait a bit to see if it gets better in some way. But after 45 minutes nothing changed. I decided to carry on. 
We met up at Milford Sound and noticed that there is nothing to do except for a boat tour so we booked one for the next day. But the weather turned out better and we went to the chasm and to the lake Marian. A small walk. But It turned out so nice.. 

And here we go: The next day –  the best day so far we had on this trip – in my opinion.
We jumped on the boat in the morning (with breakfast) and had a fantastic time: we saw seals, dolphins, waterfalls and the awesome Milford Sound area pretty close from the boat. Except the up and down including the breakfast. That almost killed me. Here are some shots… ?

What have we done after? THE BEST HIKE EVER. It was the hardest climb for me so far, but the result was the most stunning view I have seen so far after a hike. We did the Getrude Settle Track/Walk. 
We climbed up to the first stage. I took an hour. It doesn’t sound bad but I was so close to death. The small stage had a small mountain lake. Clear and cold as fuck – what other option is there than jump into it? ? 
It was so nice but soooooo cold. I couldn’t feel my arms and legs after a few minutes.

After this refreshing swim I climbed up to the second stage – the top. 
It left me speechless…..

Where did we wrap up the second week? In queenstown 😀 our days thirteen to seventeen we enjoyed our time in Queenstown.

Lets say. We drunk a lot of alcohol and also played frisbee golf in the botanic garden. I can recommend it. It’s fun and exact what it sounds like. You have a frisbee and you need to throw it into baskets. 18 holes and a complete course.

But we also drove down to Glenorchy. We got told that the way down to Glenorchy is one of the nicest drive on the world. Its really nice.

But I couldn’t take that many pictures while driving you will see a part of the drive it in one of the upcoming youtube videos. I promise.

We have been to a friends house. Such an awesome human. By the way. Thank you very much arsen for everything. Give him love on Instagram @arrr.sen ..

Stay like you are and you are welcome anywhere where we will be in future. 🙂

We also did a short trip to the remarkable ski area but it has been to windy so we couldn’t do anything. We drove down to a golfclub and took a beer. Awesome time. Thank you so much again,

Can’t wait for our next adventure. So where and what and everything else you can find out here soon or follow me on my instagram @fackthisiamout !

We will be without reception soonish so there is no shedule to load up my blogs. Just pass by every few days for a new post or give me a follow on facebook or instagram to be update!

Okay lets wrap it up here and see u soon! Take care!