Hellöööööö guys, 
what up? I could organize some awesome people for a run around the South Island. 
We met up the first time on Monday the 7.01. I knew Anna and Milena from before. And I was happy to see hem again and I saw Malte for the first time but the funny part is we were texting for a month before but have never met in person. He brought an adventuremate within his car. Cynthia a french girl who really speaks english and that really good. Pretty happy about these circumstances. Couldn’t get better. New people and everything fis? Thats almost impossible. Makes me facking happy. The vibe is awesome and everyone has the same target. See as much as we can with fun and good vibes!

Lake Tekapo + Lake Pukaki :

Followed by Mount Cook area:

Followed by Clay Cliffs / Oamaru Penguins:

Followed by Dunedin/Waterfalls/Curio Bay:

Sorry guys next time I will write more and will be better prepared. But we see new things everyday so its really hard to catch up with everything. I will be more into it because I wanna have a nice blog. 
I think the words say more than words. See you soon (ish ?)