Hey peops,
How are you? How was Christmas and new years eve? 
Lets say Christmas was awesome. Christmas has been a real family day! ? We went to a friends house to enjoy our self and had dinner together. ahasd s few drinks and played dart. The complete day from 12-12 at night has been awesome. ? 
Before NYE Saskia came back to christchurch. So we could travel together for a few days and also enjoy the festival. 
We packed our stuff what we needed for 6 days and left Christchurch on the 29th. We started during the day and drove from Christchurch straight down to Lake Tekapo. What a place… I have never seen water with that kind of a color – so blue.
We moved on to the next place… Lake pukaki. Now I have to say the sentence again – I have never seen water with that kind of color – unbelievable blue. Thats my favorite spot so far. We spent the rest of the day in this area and slept on a free camp spot just 10 minutes further.
The next day we needed to drive down to wanaka. Another two hour ride. We arrived at the festival and before we could park up, the cars got searched. We didnt know about that  beacuse we are not going to sleep in the car and there is another person control later on anyway. Saskia had everything with her because she will leave after the festival.  She also had one bottle of Absolut. OMG. What a drama we had to wait 30 minutes until we could figure out that a manager took the bottle and keep it until the festival ends.
About the festival? I was happy when the festival ends. Rain, shitty music, 30 seconds firework and nothing to do during the day so we left on the 31. to the blue pools to do something. That was the best part and I enjoyed the time with Saskia. 
One funny thing happened – on the first day while we set up our tent someone with a camera come up to us and said he wanna do a clip for the festival. We should say : „happy new year rythm and alps from germany“ . To be honest I forgot the text the complete time and Saskia spoke twice as fast as I did. So I fucked up two tries and the guy said its fine. And we thought It will never appear anywhere. But……………. never say never. The last 50 seconds before new year there has been a countdown on the mainstage on a big screen and the showed two clips. 
You can imagine what happened. One of these two clips has been – ME fucking up a sentence infront of 4,000 people. Fun! I mean I dont care, the situation was just so weird. In the end RYTHM AND ALPS  has been way to expensive and I wouldnt recommend it. Such bad organisation. No day programm, 10 foodtrucks and 3 stages thats it. Not worth the money. 
Special thanks to Saskia. I enjoyed our last trip and I hope you have a good time in Australia. Take care. ?