The North Island – where the capital Wellington rules and the most popular city in New Zealand – Auckland is based. But there is not that much nature compare to the South Island – but still so much to see. Enter the North Island with car is only possible with the fairy from Nelson to Wellington. So we had to take it too. Our fairy was leaving in the evening we decided for that one because it’s so much cheaper compare to the daytime fairy.  (approx. 40 %) We started to play yatzee and had some drinks. The weaher was alright but the sea changed during the time and the fairy started to dance during the waves and you can reckon who has been to the toilet for 2 hours – puked all over the place ?? No comment ?. 
After we arrived we had to drive 20 minutes to our campsite. It was so dark there was no other light ? but we could manage to built the bed in the car and put up the tent fast. We all were so tired and I have been so weak anyway ? On the next day we had a look around in Wellington and met gianna. We got to know her in Christchurch on my birthday.
The weather was awesome and we had a really good time ?. 

Our time schedule was tight because Jonas needed to be in Hastings two days after. We needed to drive up north fast. While hitting the road we just stopped a few times on the way. Jonas left us after our 2 weeks journey ? . Katha and me carried on our adventure to Napier. Where we left the car on the free campsite next to the ocean. There are only 6 spots and all of them were used. We walked to the city and Katha got in touch with Hell Pizza – best pizza you could get in NZ. She said – „best pizza I ever had“. Afterwards we checked the library to set up a trip for the north island. Back on the campspot we met nice company. Rüdiger and Dominic. At this time we all didn’t know what lied ahead of us. Our Evening ended up at a free campsite at the beach playng yatzee and drinking cider. ? Good time. Always! Also thanks to you three. You made my adventure in NZ even better.

On the next day Katha and me carried on traveling a few hours further to Taupo the next day. The ride took a while and we just relaxed in Taupo. Katha had a look around and I was a bit tired driving that long I just read a book. The day after in the morning we checked out the huka falls. It was not that special and very crowded. Just imagine a small bridge with to many people on it who want to take pictures. I mean that was only a small part of this hughe walk but also the main attraction. We drove to the tongario area afterwards, where we did a small walk to the taranaki falls.

While we where already there we went to the information center in the village and booked the Tongario crossing for the next day. And that made me speechless. We got so lucky with amazing weather! This is my favorite hike – tongario alpine crossing! ❤️ This hike was amazing but also challeging. 360 degree view over 6 hours. I would rather take you to this place than showing pictures…

After that long day we drove back to Taupo to the free campspot in town. Something sounded familiar –  there was a sound like someone is throwing dices on the table… someone is playing yatzee. 
Rüdiger and Dominic! They bought yatzeee after they met us ??! And here we go! What a beautiful coincidence – you can maybe already tell how the evening ends – cider and yatzee all night long! The complete campsite was sleeping but we smashed it till after midnight. ??Our plan was that after Taupo, we drive up north (winer is coming ? fack jonas… all the time I hear north my mind is switching and I’m in the game of thrones world) to rotorua – and surprisingly – same plan like the others. Next stop: Rotorua geysir park….. 36 $ !!! WTF! Way to busy.. and No NZ MUST DO for me!

But one of my NZ MUST DO’S are the redwoods! Such a nice place to spent time ?.  Including the complete area arround!

On the way to our campsite the mclarren falls campsite (by far the best campspot I have been to in NZ) we had a look for the bluesprings. Also a nice place to have a walk. Its really nice what the earth created. 
Mclarren falls is such an incredible area! You need to go there! You can have a nightwalk to such an amazing glowworm area, play frisbeegolf, see the falls and have a really nice campspot for just 10$.
This place had another suprise for us to offer… Again someone we got to know 5 years ago in Darwin on our popular campspot…
Chris! He is on a worldtrip with his girlfriend.. fate is such a big thing. So crazy… 
more about our adventure in the next post! ?