We jump directly into it – After we split our big destination was Christchurch to pick up my good boy jonas. We had two or three stops along the way. We have been driving a lot and enjoyed our time together. I’m really happy and thankful for meeting my two girls. I miss you a lot. We might see us soon. ? After we arrived in Christchurch we picked up Jonas. That meant the second stage for my traveling in NZ. He arrived on the 16th of February so we could celebrate my birthday together. ?Yea my birthday, lets say I’m 26 now ?. The days after we have been up for small roadtrips around Christchurch. But on the 20th I had something special in mind. The girls left for Australia. And again thanks for entering my life. But I also had a suprise for Jonas.


That’s Katha, one lovely girl jonas and me met 5 years ago on a campground in Darwin. 
And I told Jonas the complete time that one of my friends „Marco“ from home would come and join our travels. 
HA! GO THEM! They both didn’t know and it was just awesome. 

And it was followed by anawesome traveltime. We did the South Island in 10 days again. One special moment – jumping of a bridge! ?

I leave you with some impressions:

After everything we reached out for the North Island ?.
You will find out more next post! ? See ya around ?