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Hey there and really warm welcome to my new SUNNY-DAY!
We have 25 degrees and I just came back from the beach! 
It was a two our break from „planning“ my trip. ? 
„planning“ because I dont do a schedule. I just check out the spots, hikes, activitys, drives, events and requirements. And the end go with the flow. If you wanna stay at some spot – stay or leave. But holy – I am actually thinking that I dont have enough time left to see everything I want. I wrote already 100 spots down and not even halfway trough. 
Okay how is the new work – lets say – totally rip off, shit and bullshit at once. 
Less hours and shit work. Digging 8 to 10 hours and we are not allowed to breath. We need to keep going. We get shout at us when we sit down for a second to drink. Resume –  moved around 3 ton in 4 days and cant wait to fack all. Only 10 Work days to go and I wont work late on the last one because I have to return my clothes to my company. I get angry just to talk about that, but I can see the finish line so keep going! ? 
On saturday I started to modify my car bed.
I only need to cut the legs and attach hinges. But thats not a big deal. I will finish that during the week. 
And I also started to write down the spots. I decided to do a break. Kathryn ( HEY KATHRYN! ? ) asked me to join her for a drive down to the 2 dollar warehouse. Josh also joined.  Its a warehouse filled with secondhand clothes and books. Almost everything for 2 dollars. I got lucky. Got a sweater from hollister for 2 dollars ? and a book (About bandidos in Australia – for the roadtrip.).
And to finish this day we picked up Nick from work. Haha his face expression when we where sitting in the car and he only expected Kathryn. ? 
I was so facking tired. So went to bed early. Sunday = SUNNY – DAY! We went to the beach around 12. We just chilled for 2 to 3 hours. Afterwards me and Kathryn headed home she has to work in the afternoon. We had a really good talk on the way back. Thanks to amy that she decided for nick and kathryn ?. Okay enough about this fellas. I got along with a few people on facebook who will join me at some point I am really excited about that. 
I cant wait to see and show you the world through my eyes ?!  Keep up with me on facebook (like the page please ?) also would be really happy If you follow me on Instagram ! ? 
Before I forget –  we have a christmas tree alreadyyyyyyy! 🙂 Have a look!
Keep care and survive the next week and see you here again! ?