DO IT! – stop complaining!

Have you ever considered just packing your suitcase and leaving your country, because everything in that country annoys you and you feel absolutely stressed out? Perhaps you’ve just finished school or are midway through your university studies when you realize that you have to travel the world, before you begin your professional life? Or do you wish to simply go on a short trip, maybe not even very far away?

Whatever it is, it’s great to travel and see the world with your own eyes. If you think about it, you should do it, but what’s stopping you to hit the road and chase this dream of yours? I bet, I know at least one reason, why you haven’t packed your backs and left yet:

  1. Money
  2. Homesickness
  3. Fear


Back in 2013, I had the worst feeling about using up all of my money for my trip. Who knew if I didn’t need the money at any point later in my life. However, it wasn’t all about the money. I realized that I was experiencing a great amount of fear – I was scared as fuck.

Scared to take a risk and to take a big step. Money was only an excuse. I manipulated myself.

But eventually I told myself:  fack this! DO IT! I convinced myself that I would have enough time to earn and safe up money for the better part of my life.

You also have to recognize that you spend money while you’re at home and if you make a projection for the year, you will definitely come to similar sums. So why not on the road?

Now, naturally many say, but, nevertheless, here I am working my job. But this is also what you usually do – at least within the work and travel model.

It could definitely be worth it. For example, I went home with more money than I had when I started my trip. I have seen the world and put money deep in my pocket.

I know that not everyone has this much luck, but who knows, maybe you will earn some money too?

All I want to tell you is… look for any penny, sell your stuff and grab your bag!


If you are on your way you will recognize, this isn’t about money or professional life, it’s about YOU! It’s only and all about you! You can get in touch with yourself. You’ll get to know a side of yourself you haven’t known before. Take time for yourself! Learn to grow. Make your own decisions. You will grow and developer faster than you could’ve ever imagined it in your wildest dreams. You’ll eventually learn to be brave. You’ll face decisions which would’ve never existed in your familiar surroundings. Break the wall of your comfort zone! First of all, you will have to recognize that you can’t give a fuck about what other people think of you. Everything is your very own choice on this adventure and most of the people won’t see you twice. But don’t break the laws of the countries. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! There will be several opportunities to get in touch with people daily. A lot of opportunities to develop new friendships.


This is a very serious matter. Some people have it, some leave it behind, some forget it while they’re on their adventure and others stop there journey because of it. I truly believe, that the world can be your new home. Every where at any ytime. A lot of people are traveling alone. They meet people every day. They haven’t been alone once. You get to know other people very fast and you will start to enjoy yourself and have a good time. You get to know yourself better by the day.

Everyone at home will be happy for you. They will be happy about the experiences you are having and they will be proud about you taking on this challenge. Make yourself proud!


There are so many reasons to be scared in life. Fear will always be by your side. Anytime. Our whole life. Now, personally I can say that to be scared has been the most rubbish thing that ever happened to me.

Think about it – we have to take the biggest and most difficult steps to reach our goals or make great experience? Afterwards this gives us the best feeling to have done it. Send the fear to hell.

Whether it may be to build up the courage to talk to a beautiful woman or present in front of your classmates – Are you not proud of having mastered such a thing?

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.“ – Unknown

Trust me. You will be extremely proud, if you have visited one of the thousand Australian beaches and bury your toes deeply in the hot sand. In case you choose Australia. But never mind, this feeling will catch you all over the planet.

So what are you waiting for? Stop being scared! Check the flights and grab your backpack!

STOP OVERTHINKING! DO IT! #fackthisiamout

Sorry that I dropped the word : YOU that often. However, it is all about YOU. Hope you got it. I try to take the fear from the people. The world can be so beautiful and you only live once.

If there is the perfect time to do something… ITS NOW, and NOW and NOW. Every second. Don’t be that person, who is one second too late.

Cheers for listening.