Whats in your mind? Are you scared? you guess you need someone?

Keep on reading. I will give you some bulletpoints pro and contra – traveling alone.

How you can find travelbuddy who are may searching for you or who about to heading the same way like you do.

Benefits of traveling alone:

  • you have to be straightforwardly with other backpackers, so you get to know a lot more people on your adventure.
  • you will improve your english skills, because there arent only people on the run who talking your first language
  • you will force your self-confidence, independency, self-employment and organisational development, because you have to manage any situation to reach your goals.
  • You can do what you want. There is no plan of others. What comes up to ur mind. GO FOR IT!
  • Its hard to get more jobs around one spot.
  • You can decide to leave your place at anytime.
  • 24/7 around each other is very hard. There will be problems, havent never been there before.This pressure is new and a lot of people did not know how to handle this. Thats a reason of breaking friendships or relationships.
  • The last one is one of my favorites but scares the most of us: you get to know yourself better. Take time for yourself, breathe… You will be suprised how much you dont know about yourself.

Disadvantage of traveling alone:

  • Its more expensive. There isnt someone to share the cost with all the time.
  • There will be days you will feel sad and alone. Especially if you be homesick. Thats the time you have to be strong and there is no one to catch you up.
  • Big investments like buying a car is more easy if you can share the cost.

How can I find somone to travel with?

You can join the private fackthisiamout.com Facebookgroup here to find some one, earn any informations or just to communicate with us.

I would be grateful if you join the group. But there are many other groups.

I recommend to look

after groups where you wanna go. Like Australia 2018, new zealand backpacker, travelbuddy canada or whatever. I guess that way is comfortable and easy.

There are much more possibilitys.

Just for example:

In Australia: gumtree

Couchsurfing, you take a look for hashtags on instagram and write people (AND FOLLOW US ;P <3) If you know more write in comments 🙂

But I guess the fastes way is social media.

Be creative and not scared :D.

What should you know about each other?

Clarify this questions:

  • whats your impression for Work and Travel?
  • How is your money game? (how much do you have, how much would you spend…)
  • How you want to travel? (own car, bus, lift)
  • Where are you staying? What kind of accomondation?
  • What happens If one of your group got employed and the other one/ the others do not?
  • How long you wanna stay/travel together? (Meet later again? Or How does it work?)
  • Whats you favorite: nature or city?
  • Are you a princess or do you not need to shower every day?
  • Are you organized or chaos (to be honest)
  • Is the vibe good or is it just about the money (saveing)?
  • Is the otherone trustworthy?
  • Same nationality or several nationality? I would prefer the several part. I love to communicate in english ( I know it is still pretty bad, but dont give a f*ck).Otherwise you get to know other cultures. Didnt find the perfect words, you have to do it by yourself.

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