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Hello crazy peops, ?
This week has been pretty busy.
We had public Holiday on monday. After a very long sunday. 
  • You dont know what happened on sunday? READ HERE ?
That has been the perfect opportunity to recover to start fresh at my first day at work on tuesday. So what have I done? 
I did foodshopping and after that I had a few hours to kill until hour last dinner of our little family. Because Cliffy leave the country on thursday and heads in direction Australia. Perth. 
I thought about the movies. I havent seen Avengers, yet. So I decided to watch the movie in the palms. One of a few malls around. ? I went to countdown to buy some snacks. Haribos and oreos :)) . 
At the cinema I asked for the tickets. It has been around 1.30 pm. The movie should start at 1.50 pm. But I got only: “ Sorry mate, complete sold out.“ MHHHHHHH. Yep seems legit. Its Queens Birthday. All familys and everyone is around. Its so busy. For what I am up to then? Took my snacks to the hostel and rent Guardians of the galaxy 2. Good one. The racoon is my favorite. 
In the evening I picked up Jessie and we met Cliffy at the hostel.  We couldnt decide where to go so we went up and down the streets. We ended up at a japenese place to eat. Sushi ? BEST FOOD. I love it. Some shushi Burgers and stuffe later we had our last laugh together. A bit sad. But it is how it is. We will hear from each other. ? 
My first day at work. Tuesday. I woke up at 5.40 am. prepared some food and changed to a marker again. I have been at the counstruction side way to early at 6.50 am. My intruduction should be around 7.30 am. My first step has been to take care where and who is in charge for me. I went to the office. I knew my supervisor is Peter Brown (accurate name). But nothing more. I asked some people in the office. Peter Brown is around but not in the office. Take a seat in the smoko. (Room for coffee and breaks)  
The time moved on and it got realy busy. There have been many people arround. One asian guy asked me If I am working for max and I was just repling: „I do.“ He seems to be younger than me but not to sure yet. 
He called Peter Brown around 7.30 am and let me know. Peter said that he sends someone to pick us up. Allright time to have a chat. 
The asian guy is Chester. He is 20 years old and is doing an apprenticeship wih max. He is in his second year. He got moved from another place to this project. This project should be last until 2020. 
He is an guy from indonesia. He seems smart. He told me his plans for the future and stuff. But I am not sure to put it here. 
We waited like an hour. So we had a lot of time to talk. Good dude.
I saw an guy who seems like an younger verison of dumbledore in his 40th with blond hair. He went straight to us and said: „I am Shane and you guys are with me today.“ He is a very nice kiwi. He is the supervisor for the general labourers. He said: “ For our team and work you need a lot of power and sarcasm.“ That feeling what I got in this moment has been so awesome, I realy liked these one. Lets see if it can get any better. 
He showed us around and started to chat. We met the team in the middle of nowhere and they left me there to gave these guy a hand. 
We had to cut the road. Because there are some weak spots and the asphalt has to be removed there. And it should be sealed new soon. 
But for removing the road the machine need an entry. Thats is what the cut is for. 
So we did this kind of stuff almost all day. I got more time with the team. Pretty nice. But nothing special to notice. Unless one thing. We have been working the complete day and everyone could go home at 5 pm. But one of the team has to do shity stuff. That would take him alone approx. 45 minutes. Shane said – „Alright guys. We will give him a hand.“ He asked for more people by radio. We started to help him. Meanwhile another two trucks arrived and more people jumped out and helped us so we have been done after 4 minutes. We jumped on the trucks. And Shane asked me and chester how our first day went. We had fun and the team is pretty fun. I realy enjoied this day. And I asked him If this kind of support is normal. He just replied: „Nobody wants to do the shity work alone. Everyone gives everyone a hand. Doesnt matter what time it is.“  
He lives for the people. He is an realy good guy. You would notice If you would talkt to him. The vibe is the most important. Also they do : Bast*rd of the month. This certificate recived any guy or team that did good work or something to notice. And you recive an 30$ voucher for countdown. They pin a picture of you in the smoko for one month. 
Sounds like an pretty good first day right? And it realy was. 
Shane told us afterwork. That there is may no work together because it should be raining the complete wednesday and we will recive an message in the morning around 6.30 If there is no work. 
I jumped back in to my car. 40 minutes drive in the evening. Busy roads. 
Nele texted me. So I gave her a call. She told me she will be in Christchurch in a few minutes and we have been hungry. both of us. 
Took a shower and went for dinner. Wendys Burger. First and last time for me. ? To expensive and not good at all.
Pretty busy day. 
I woked up and heard the rain. I not gonna lie. I hoped to recive a message. But I didnt. So prepared my food. Jumped in the car. And met the others at 7.20 am on side. Every morning at 7.20 am there will be a meeting they told me. Its about how everyone feels and for what are we up to today. Today: Clean the side and unload the trucks. Our team has been on the side and did all the cleaning stuff. But we had only work until 12 am. Afterwards we went home. I met nele again in the afternoon. We went to the movies. Aveners, finally ? 
Good movie. But WTF?! Why this facking cliffhanger? FOR REAL? ?
Work is pretty fun. They say just move the truck if we need to, use the machine: you will figure it out bro. The first time I used a machine has been on thursday. The air hammer. Just go for it. ? Alright. I am pretty sure – I will learn a lot. 
On friday we got an short intruduction for the side again for the papers.
The weekend has been chill. I went food shopping and went to an outlet. But I decided to save money and go shopping afterwards.  
Maybe you noticed some changes. I spend the complete sunday to improve my website and my Instagram account. This was the last time I show this type of content on my private Instagram. Everything what follows: @fackthisiamout . If you are interested in my travellife follow me there. ? See you then lovely.