Hey adventure people :), how is it going? 

I can’t really explain what happened since we started. We had such a good time and I’m so happy it is still happening. I appreciate every second , see new areas and get to know new people everyday make me feel like you sitting on a rollercoaster 24/7. I don’t mind that feeling to be HONEST (I’m actually using that word very often so there are a few people they make always fun of me about that. Thanks ?) And also mother nature. What you have done for us is speechless. THANK YOU!!! I’m feeling really sorry for everyone who is not seeing much in his life or don’t want to. What I want to say is.. That I’m hoping that you pack your backpack or suitcase one day and start your own adventure. Short or long whatever but thats what I’m really hoping for.

Where to start? –

Queenstown.. SIMBA THE SECOND (my car) got sick. It wasn’t a big deal. I wanted the change – the supressor was broken from the inside and made some noises because of the vibration. I didn’t like it so I changed it in Queenstown in a garage. The owner was from hungary. He did Work & Travel 14 years ago and he i livings in Queenstown ever since – Crazy. Where would he be now If he would never grab his backpack in the past to come to New Zealand? Intresting isn’t it? 
Carrying on –
we have been so chilled in Queenstown so we needed to carry on at some point. The evening before we left ended up with our nice host arsen and his friend jose. (Tequila) The end of the story? I couldn’t drive next morning I have been to drunk and Milena drove my car. Almost crashed it aswell -.-* . But it went out for good. We arrived in Wanaka after we have been to the doctor for cynthia (she has some back problems since a few weeks.)


We started early this day. Now I would say how stupid we have been to do 2 tracks after one week of chill straight away. But it went out fine.  After the first night in Wanaka we did the Mount Iron Track. Just a small loop and I wouldn’t say it was worth it but it was nice 1.5 hours track and we still had a lot time of the day left.
We didn’t know what to do for the rest of the day. We had a look around the town and sat together. Also we talked about the next days and hikes we all wanna do. We ended up with the idea: roys peak for sunset. We started the track in the afternoon around 5 pm. I hated myself while going up. This track was nice (it is also my new facebook profilpicture ?)and hard. But we reached the popular instagram spot after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Picture time: 
We met three british girls who started seperate their travel trip in NZ but decided to finish both ilands together. How nice is that? ? But that shouldn’t be the end of this track for us. We decided to climb up to the peak. Fack this. That was not nice.
It was cloudy, windy and cold. Really freezing after sweating so much. We have been on top to soon – 2 hours before sunset. 
But it was so cloudy that we thought there is no sunset anyway. We took a few pictures and of course changed dress (always have spare tshirt or jacket, pants with you, because of the weather change in NZ and you don’t wanna get sick after sweating for hours and than staying still in the wind).
The clouds started to cry. Nice. Rain on the peak. Almost 2 Hours away from the car and in the freezing cold.
We started running down but the knees hurted fast. I decided to walk slowly that doesn’t change shit for the knees the still hurt.
We went down seperate because everyone has his own speed. But we ended up on the parking lot almost at the same time. 
We finished the day with driving to the town center (lake wanaka) and cook there at the lake. We drove to the campsite around 10 pm and just fall asleep pretty fast.


The day started at the Rocky Mountain and our travel app said that there would be a lake called: diamond lake. We said we have a look for the lake and jump into the water. Also If we wanna do the walk later aswell. Because of the two hikes the day before we haven’t been that keen. After we have been to the lake we realized fast – that is no lake to relax. How should I explain this…. I can’t. It was a brown hole. We decided to go back. Because everyone had the opinion to have a relax day at lake wanaka. But I change my mind on the way back to the carpark. I did the track. Alone – but it was nice. A really short track through the djungel about normaly 3 hours I could do it in 1.5 hours but I couldn’t resist the view on top and stayed there almot a hour. Afterwards We met up at the lake and just drove to our campsite..


Woooooooooooow. It was raining the complete night. We thought we couldn’t do the track and went to the visitor center early in the morning to ask how the weather is over there. The lady in the center told us that it is still raining in this area and we should come back around 1 pm. There was no other plan for this day, the other boys of our travel group rented bikes and drove around since 9 am. Our solution? Lake wanaka… again ? but to be fair it’s a really nice spot to relax and talk about the next days so that was totally fine.  Anna and Milena drove to the Visitor center a second time before 1 pm. They told them that the rain stopped and we could do the track. But we don’t needed to drive in two cars. We drove with SIMBA THE SECOND. We put a few boxes in Annas car and the girls jumped into my car. That was fun. 1 Hour drive but only 55 Km one way but 30 km gravel road and you have to cross 9 creeks with your car and that is only possible in the sun or while it’s not raining. The way was fun and also to cross the creeks because partwise the creeks have been really deep. But SIMBA got all of them like a real lion. ? We started the track in the sun around 3 pm and I have to say – nice and medium track and when you arrive at the glacier it leaves you speechless – I know I said that a few times now, but it is really stunning. Have a look:

Because we did this track that late we have been back  around 9 and just ate and fall asleep. The next day was about leaving Wanaka after 3 days and 4 hikes. Awesome and exhausting time but it was time to carry on and do the next hike straight away. 


There is not a lot to tell you about this place of earth except – if you do the hike: Don’t do the complete hike to the peak! It’s not worth it! The view at the peak is not that nice. Stop in the area where the big rocks start. You will notice.. 
So you don’t waste time and energy. It is also a big hike – approx. 3-5 Hours. We had do drive far afterwards so we did this hike early around 9 am and had a lot of time left.
We tried to figure out – WHAT CAN U DO AT THE NZ WEST COAST OF THE SOUTH ISLAND WHAT IS REALLY INTRESTING?! – and ended up with the Fox and Franz Josef Glacier. I must say – from my point of view –  those two are not worth to go. Not that beautiful and there are way to busy. It’s more shocking than beautiful. On the walk there are signs where the glacier has been the years before – It’s just sad how much the melted already. Maybe it is more beautiful in winter, but to be honest. I wouldn’t go there again. ? 


Franz Josef Glacier 

Hokitika Gorge.

That’s where we ended up for this week because we got more relaxed the last days and of course after these power days in Wanaka and a lot of driving. We don’t have time pressure so easy going. Our bad was that it was raining the day before so the gorge didn’t show his beauty here a picture to compare (from google – all rights served to the owner!) ?. It needs 3 days to clear up again. Bad for us. But we had luck on our trip in general so we are fine 🙂

We are in Greymouth at the moment after 4 weeks of traveling. There is still a bit to go, but we look forward to it. We relaxed today and will watch the superbowl tomorrow. Afterwards we carry on for 12 more days and we finish our trip in Christchurch in mid february to celebrate my birthday and also I can’t wait to celebrate it with my lovely flatmates and my adventuremates. A few people from home are missing but thats okay. I will not forget ❤️
Enjoy your SUNNY-DAY and see you back the next time on my blog or on Instagram. 
Grab your backpack and go on an adventureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!