After this kind of exciting day we where up for a small adventure what turned out – BIG! I saw a picture on Instagram the other day. A waterfall next to the mclarren falls area. We slept on the mclaren falls camping park. So we could go to this hidden spot the next day. I read a lot about it before. Many people are saying its a really dangerous hike or way to get there. You have to wear proper shoes. But the pictures made me so curious – I had to go there.  But it was hard to find the start of the track. It’s just a gate next to the road. We stopped there and parked our cars on the road just a few meters away. So It is not obvious If someone is passing by for what we are up to. But in the end there is nothing else and everyone who is passing by will notice. Anyway we packed our bags. 
NOTE: I need to say – don’t do it at all! It is dangerous and If you do it (think about it please.) – never when it rains or it was just raining before. There is not really a path and you could fall straight down deep. I can’t tell but around some spots maybe up to 70 or 80 meters. Be aware of everything. But like I said before: I can’t recommend this trip.
Now I return to what we did and you shouldn’t do. We jumped over the first fence. This fence was just hip high. We walked around 10 minutes to one spot where the track ends infront of a big steel door. But there are two steel doors. 
You can look down like 120 meters or something and you can see the omanawa falls. That was the time we said there is no way back. I know there is a lot in the internet – how you can get there. I don’t wanna be part of this community which is getting you into this situation. I know its a magical place. But this track is dangerous. We have been careful as f*ck and we watched after each other. We also met 2 other couples – we have been eight people who watched after each other. 
Have in mind, every hike you should be aware for what you are up to. 
All these leaders on the way are rusty and not in place anymore (they are supposed to be fixed to stones or bars). We climbed down.
But what we saw was on of the greatest places I have been to in NZ. Underestimated and I would have never find out about it without Instagram (@fackthisiamout – follow me around ? ). 
On the way back the group decided to take another way. Never do that in the bush. Maybe put down some marks on the way to the spot, when you do a hike. You can find always the way back. We run around for a loooong time could’t even remember the time. We ended up on a private property where a dog attackted on of the guys. Now serious injury or something he just nibble the shoe. This complete hike took way longer than expected. We slept another night on the campground.
The next day our main attraction was the Karangahake Gorge. Loooong drive for us so we left early to get there. For me this was one of the most underrated spots I have seen so far. This area is full of highlights. Historical, natural and scenic. Swing bridges, sheer cliffs, the waitawheta river, railway tracks and of course the 1,1 km long tunnel. You can do many walks in this area. The main track will take you around for about 1 – 1.5 hours. The color and the windows in the upper tunnel a just beautiful. Step by if you are around and have a look! 
Katha wanted to have a look for the how water beach. Not only her. All of us ? But she was really keen. So we carried on driving up still on this day. We arrived late. Can’t remember the time but I reckon it was close to the golden hour! (last or first hour of sunlight). The beach was packed and we didnt have a shovel ?. 
But we still went down the beach after getting a parking spot ?. 
The hot water beach is special because for those who don’t know – around a specific time there is hot water under the sand coming up. But you have to dig a bit. And its not like warm water. It is really hot. Two hours either side of low tide you can experience this kind of natural highlight. There is an underground river of hot water from the interior of the earth to surface. 
My last hike with my beloved kuhni happened at my favorite spot on the north Island – the pinnacles. 
The Hike was long and there is a hut on top where you could sleep for 15$ but we never though about that. We where just going for it. It took a loooooong time and I think because of that it was one of the hardest hikes but also one of the most beautiful onces. I had such a great talk with rü. Its about the people who join you on your adventure. ? 
The next stop meant to be sad. Auckland. I will leave the country from here and had to say goodbye. Goodbye katha ? Thank you for your patience, for all the laughs, for memories I wont forget, for your smile, that we are still in contact, just thank you for your beautiful personality ?. I really enjoyed your company. 
? ? ? ? ? 
For everyone who want to know the view from kathas perspectiv –  There is a suprise for you #40 1/2 Katha im Urlaub auf Kiwiisland – das etwas andere Tagebuch!
Einfach drauf klicken! 🙂
See you soon 🙂