I hope you enjoied the last part of SUNNY ? If you havent read it yet. HERE WE GO! 🙂
Do you remember that I got a job offer for sunday? Roadwork again. But at the marathon this time.
What would you guess when we have to start? Right. 5 am ? STAAAAART. Oh and we work for men@work again.
So I had to get up at 4 am. Get dressed as an marker, short bath time and boiling some water for my tea.
It rained already ? But there is one thing I realy love to get up this early or go to bed this late.
The streets are quite, the air feels more fresh and listening to the birds is so awesome.
The funny thing this morning was, you arrived and seen so many fack up faces. Sleepy as fack and so many lord of the rings. (EYES) . Me either. ?
We got classified into groups. Our group included four people. I have been with Willi. He is one of the bosses. The other two has been from ryan aswell. We drove to our spot in the city. Of course of the biggest crossroads in Christchurch. Fitzgerald Avenue X Armagh Street. See Maps:
The one side of the road was for the runners (Kilmore Street)  and the other side for cars (Armagh Street).
We arrived at 5.45 am and started to put cones on the driveway. We did an access for buses and emergencys.
Cones are facking heavy. We have to finish at 6 am. So it got realy busy. But we got it.
Afterwards Willi asked the three of ous who would go to the side of the road where the cars would stop asking question. I tought. Just go for it. I have to improve my english and it seems like a cool spot. Fack yea right decision. Willi told me that one of the marshalls (roadwork observer only) will join me later. maybe. ?He said just tell them to drive to Stanmore Road. It has been still dark outside and the first cars stopped and asked me how they get to work. I just told them to drive trough. What I didnt know that the fire departmend is right behind me in Chesterstreet East. The cars which need to go there, I let them pass.
After some people saw that, they want accesses aswell. But I didnt let them passed 😉 . After a few fack offs and middlefingers the marchall arrived. Vaughn a 40 year old with airmax and joggers. He isnt a guy who talks much in the morning I guess.
After one and a half hour at the road the marathon started at 8 am.
At the same time an old lady crossed the street and screamed:  what happened here?
Vaughn told here that today is marathon time. And he noticed that the lady with the age 60 has no teeth.
She looked at him like this:
She was runnig around on every road. She stopped cars and asked for money. We couldnt do anything. We called the police.
One police officer arrived after 45 minutes. He stopped and asked: “ I heard you have a problem with a facking bloody drug slut.“ I was freezed. Not realy. But I didnt know how to react. ? Vaughn laughed his ass off and told me that is normal. Police officers are totaly chill. He said: „They are kiwis – there are nice peops.“ I recognize later. That shouldnt be the last time I see cops this day. ? That was the icebreaker between me and vaughn.  We talked more. But it got more busy around 10 am. Because many people tried to figure out how they get to church. We had no idea. Just send them around ?.
We earned more fack offs. We had a few people who stopp at ous with jar wheels. Jumped out of ther cars and screamed. But Vaughn acted realy cool. He always said stop screaming and we will figure it out for you. But if not you have to move because you block traffic. The problem most of the cars tried talk to ous when the lights turned red. They blocked all traffic behind them when its went green.
And the worst thing. the only worse thing. It started raining. Heavy rain. The rest was funny. Like vaughn said: „There are a lot of funny peops out there. arent there?“ We had to open the road a few times for buses. And of course for emergency and police. If they passed we stopped the traffic on the complete crossroad.
In the early afternoon it got realy busy. More than the complete day.
So the line of cars on the road has been very long. And how could It be? One car didnt pay attention take over red and completly smashed the end of the line. The horn didnt stop yelling because the airbangs have been activated and the car has been so smashed that there wasnt much left at the front. After that I know that you dont need much speed to destroy your car and everything around you. The crash involved 4 cars. But nobody has been hurt. The first thing what I noticed: The guy which car was at the end of the line which got touched first. Jumped out of his car. But he didnt yelled or attacted the guy who smashed in his car. The first question has been: „Are you allright?“ (with real care)
That has been the moment I finaly arrived in New Zealand. That wouldnt happen in Germany like this. The guy realy took care of the other one. And it has been completly the fold of the other one.
Now It got realy busy. We had to take care of everything now. When I got up at 4 am I couldnt imagine how this day will end.
We got support by another guy from men@work. He was a very sleepy guy. Vaughn told the guy to put a cone near the accident. So the rest of the traffic can see that they have to pay attention. After we see where he put the cone. Vaughn and me looked at us and he said: „Thats not the spot what I meant.“
So guess where he put the cone?! ?
After half an hour one police officer (on motorcycle) who has been to the accident came to us and asked us If we have seen something. We told him. But meanwhile some one smashed trough a line of cones, drove on red light and took giveaway. And he just ended at the end of the traffic line near the crash…. ? The cop didnt hesitate and switched his signal on and turnd around. He didnt need to speed up because the car was like 100 meters far away.
Vaughn and me just laugh. What a facking day.
We had to clear the city around 2 pm. Our truck has been full, we had to drive back to the company and unload the truck. But thats all we had to do. For the rest of the day. Unload trucks. After 10 Hours staying in the rain we hat to unload truocks for another 2 other. Putting all the cones, sandbags and signs on palets and wrap them and put them on shelves.
I was so wasted after this day. Arrived home at 17.40 pm.  Thats the end.
If you still reading. Thank you very much. I appreciate this.
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