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G’day my love.
How is your life going? Have your week been well? ?
Its crazy what happened that week ?
On monday I went to ryan recruitment after a few hours of sleep. I got realy sick on weekend. My throat hurts so bad. Couldnt sleep or even talk. It never felt so bad.  The appointment started like in every other agency. Do all the paperwork first.
And meanwhile shit happened. First the warehouse staff was calling me three times. And complete at the same time the company where I signed on friday called me also. What should I do now? -.-‚
But no time to think, Gabi one consultant came in and had a chat with me about work and how long I suggest to stay in Christchurch. It went well and she asked me If the supervisor can join. I was suprised and agreed.
Steve is a huge fella. You know he is working in construction.
He asked me some questions like: can you drive manual (not usual in nz), and I would do a lot of different work.
I just thought. Thats the best way it can be. They did an appointment to do a test and drugtest on wednesday.
I was so good in seeking a job. Now is there a big problem. Which job should I take?
I felt a lot more comfortable at ryan. The warehouse job was easy money but not longterm and a bit far away.
Now its all about the company I signed a contract on friday or ryan…
Tricky situation. But this is not the end.
I had my first flat view on wednesday at 9.30 am in the morning. Buuuuut holy moly. What a shity place. An asian guy was showing me around. His english was worse than mine. After 5 minutes I moved on. I had a lot time left until the appointment at ryan. What should I do? Right – getting the first haircut in new zealand. I asked so many people before If there is a chance that they cut my hair but everyone was like: noooooooooo I cant do this mimiimimimi.
Pictures as follow:
Cheapest hair dresser in Christchurch? Of course in a mall.
You should remember :
I realy have to say malls in NZ and OZ are such a nice places to be. I realy missed this place the time after Australia.
You couldnt compare it realy to german malls. This is another world.
But 21$ for ruffly 10 minutes work.
At 1 pm I arrived at ryans and did a drugtest again. I knew that was coming. So I wasnt peeing the whole time. ?
But there was still the test left.
Online test with 50 questions about construction side safety and healty. Yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
This test took hours. Good that I could do this test multiple times. We have been 3 people in one room with one supervisor.
Everyone with his own Ipad. I failed twice (76% , 80%) You have to reach 92 % ! During the test one of the other guys failed twice aswell. both times wit 88 %. He got so pissed that he rage quited and left.
I recived 96 % in the third run. Because I am awesome ? .
I got my ppe ( personal protective equipment) and left ryan. Did some stuff like appointments for flat views and went to countdown to buy some medicine.
And another climax happened. The complete thursday was a mess. ? 
It started with my phone. It has been 9 am and Jessie and me woke up. Because I promised moving with her. So she checked out and put all her stuff in my car. Meanwhile I checked my phone…… 8 calls from ryan. all around 7.30 am. NICE.
WTF?! Whats wrong with them? ? 
I called them. The first thing they told me was : We are so disappointed. 
I didnt even know what they are talking about. 
They said that id didnt show up for an job introduction. 
I had no clue. How should I know? They called me several times yesterdas and sent me an email they said. 
No call yesterday. And they wrote the email yesterday evening at 8 o clock. And the best thing it have been in my spam folder. I try to explain myself. But my english is not that good and actually I didnt see my fold. 
But after a while they seem to be nice again and offered me a job for today. Nightshift at 4.30 pm. Fuck yea. 
Allright. I do it.  I start that early. How much time could this shift take? And additional a job on sunday. 
Allright. I moved jessie to her new place. I got realy jealous. awesome place and so cheap.  I gonna miss her. 
Afterwards I did another flat view. Mh same shit another suburb. It will be difficult to find a goof flat after seeing jessies place. 
So I went back to get dressed for work. I looked like an orange marker. 
Surely prepared some food and moved on. 
The place to be : Men@work. 4.30 pm met peter who should be my colleauge for this night. An 27 year old south korean.
He is selfemployed during the day and worked at night for men@work.  The other two were jamie and julien. 
So our job has been Roadwork. The job for this night: close some roads at 8 pm for the general labourers. 
I was like. cool. Easy. But I didnt notice that we have to stay until they finished their work. 
We closed the streets at 8 pm and everything started. We have to tell people to drive slowly or where they have to go. 
Only construction cars have been allowed to cross our roads. It has been so fucking cold. freeezing. 
At 12 pm it was so bad that all four of us jumped in the car and did some loops around all closed streets to check if there are still closded and if the signs are still there. Afterwards we have to wait.
wait until the labourer finished there job. Fuck.All guys in the car have been on their phone except? ….. right….. MEEEEEEEEE.
I left my phone in the car because I thought we have to work and wanna take care.
So what to do? Look out the window. Time didnt move that fast. -.- 
The night felt like years.  The labourers finished their shift at 3.30 am. I was dreaming and felt my bed already. 
Hahahaha noooooooooooooooo. After we reopened the roads. We had to check old construction sides around the city to pick up some signs and traffic cones. We finished our shift at 4.30 am. I drove back the fastest way. not that many traffic around that time. the worst part. I had to get up at 9 am. I had an appointment at max at 10 am. 
My sleep felt like a 10 minutes nap. I felt so wasted. But do what you have to do. Signed the contract and recived my PPE. 
All used. This company doesnt give me the right feelings. And I have to work minimum 30 minutes away from town. 
She didnt told me before. I will work for 4 weeks and have a look. Maybe Ryan is the better choice then. 
Sunday Funday they said! My sunday will get his own part. It happened that much. You can not imagine. 
See you tomorrow then. I have to get some sleep. Thanks for reading all of these. If you are still here make sure to follow my social media accounts. Not happened much yet, but I promise. There will be lot more in Future.
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