Hey ? how are you?
So what happened the last few days?   (written like diary :P)
My week started with looking for work. Yeeeeeeehii sounds funny. Like in Germany. Best way to start your week.
backpacker attitude to job seeking:
But it wasn’t that bad to kick his own ass to get out, hand out some cvs. Afterwards your receive a realy good feeling.
Signed up in some job agencies. Only to add some new faces for there database.
Walked to avis aswell but wasnt that successful. They need less employee in winter.
But never give up right? ?
On tuesday I got realy lucky to pick up Nele from the airport. We have written us before ,but never met us in person yet.
It felt like we would knew each other for years. She is from Germany (Hamburg), 24 years old and has been to NZ a few times before. She did a student exchange a few years ago. She is awesome.
In the afternoon we went out for dinner with some friends of Nele. This evening was pretty good and chill. ? We have been to one of the guys parents house where we could see christchurch from the mountains. May someone has seen this on my Instagram story. Dont forget to follow! @alpina_gpower & @fackthisimaout
On wednesday at 6 am in the morning a chinese girl was running in our room, switched the lights on. Just in this second she recognized she is in the wrong room. She started screaming “ I’m sorry I’m sorry.“ and run out. Thats hostel life. But I could get no sleep anymore. Turns out lucky for me. At 7.30 am one of the agencies called me If I could work today. So I rushed in the bathroom and got dressed in 10 minutes and jumped in to the car. Working place was Rollesten and start at 8.30 am.
So the agency team introduced me to the my team members. Joe comes up to me and told me where to start and what I have to do.  It has been no brainer work like back in my apprenticeship. ( Hi, if you are from there)
Took about 8 Hours. Finished at 5 pm.
In the evening jessie and me went to have some dinner and the movies. Deadpool 2. Way better than black panther.
The other days wasnt not realy intresting, our room went sick. Cliffy got food poisoning, Jessie was throwing up the whole time and what about me?
Sleepless, headache and sore throat. But nothing what paracetamol cant fix.
Friday let me feel better and I woke up early. I recieved an early call from lorreta who text me on facebook on my jobsearching ad. Jobinterview at 10 am. Allright. On time I arrived at max which is an counstruction side company.
After minutes of talking we did all the paperwork like in any other agency.
L: Are you ready for the drugtest?
ME:  WTF? ? Never done it before.
L:  Just fill this cup.
ME: Ehhhhhhhhm. Allright. Now?
L: Yes, just take your time.
ME: Can I get a glass of water? ?
L: Sure.
After 1 1/2 hours and 6 glasses of disgusting tap water. I got lucky to pee.
Only good results. Next appointment on Monday.
Went to AA (NZ ADAC)  afterward to collect a membership and a car insurance for thirth party.
On the evening we went to some pubs for live music and some drinks. Was great to met some new people.
Its Saturday afternoon and I try to figure out where I can watch champions leauge in the morning 6.45 am.
In the end I fucked up and woke up at 9 am.