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how is it? how is it so far? good question right?
Do I miss something? What can I say about NZ yet? 

Expensiv life.

But still cheaper than in Germany.
Depens whats your most important stuff you focus on. You have to wait for good offers to get the good food in supermarkets. 
The bad thing in NZ is you get bad food like sweets really cheap. At work you can see who is earning good wage and who does’nt. Just watch there lunch. Fastfood is around 8-60 $ depends which restaurant.
And fack the rent is facking expensiv. Notice I have been just to Christchurch yet. Second biggest city in NZ. That could be the reason.
I’m paying 170$ /weekly! (ca.100€) Around 400€/month. Thats much and I earn around 14,50$ after tax.
But the reason for that: I’m working for a bad agency. Didn’t know that before. I have to deal with that now.
Cheap hairdresser starts around 20$ for men.    
Car stuff is expensive but you can order all of parts from asia or usa. 
Gas (petrol) is with 2.20 – 2.30$ (1,27€) facking expensiv but still cheaper than in Germany.  The insurance for example is not that expensive. I paid 280 $ for 11 month and covers third party, fire and theft. (covers damage up to 1.5 mio$).
What else? Dont drink in clubs!  But thats something I knew from Australia. Alcohol is facking expensiv. Beer and shots are around 8-20$. Buy alcohol together and drink before you go out.
Unless you are a girl. Any guy will buy your drinks. 
I can’t say more at this point. Haven’t been around. So notice thats just the experience in Christchurch.

Old shity cars.

New good cars are not affordable for most of peops. Thats why old shity cars from Japan ruling the streets. They dont care about any damage. The leave the car how it is. I guess its to expensive for most peops to fix it. 
Also the streets aren’t in good conditions. 

Facking bad drivers.

KIWIS CANT DRIVE! Dont expect good drivers over here. I had almost 3-4 crashes. Just because of there stupid acting on the streets and they dont take care. I mean stupid acting like not setting an indicator and just changing lane or taking your way.  You always have to expect stupid driver behind, infront or next to you. They got there license with 16 and the parents showed them how to drive. Stupid people show young people how to drive stupid. No good system.

Crazy weather.

It changes a lot during the week or maybe a day. 
I noticed that before in some posts. 
All of that sound very negativ. That are just the things they came in my mind they are most annoying to me actually.
But I have to say people are very nice over here. The vibe and the way they come up to you. Of course backpackers are almost nice and awesome but that should be everywhere on the world. I talk about kiwis. You are walking down the street and someone is coming up to you. They dont know you, but they smile and say something like: „hello, how is it going?“, „G’day“ or they stop and you have a chat with them. Totaly random people. Facking friendly and nice people over here. But still. I just have been to Christchurch ?. 
Working on construction is fun (almost). The peops are awesome. One thing I would establish in Germany. Every facking morning: Meeting. We meet every morning to discuss what we do today, what are the hazards, can we improve to yesterdays shift , anything happened yesterday?, whats good, whats bad, free drinks and BBQ every two weeks – sometimes more often. I think that is one of the reasons why people are happy at work over here. I cant say its same on all of the construction sides, but my flatmate josh is also working on construction and he told me its almost the same. 
NZ is also a beautiful country. It doesnt take a long drive to see beautiful spots around. You can see the mountains and the beach at the same time. Its still winter so dont expect much from my pictures yet. That will come. 

Do I miss something?

I miss moments and chances I didn’t take. And of course some people. 
I know something big will happen. I can say. I’m almost happy.
I can’t wait for summer to start my journey. I look forward to swim with dolphins and hike mountains. Have roadtrips with people from other countrys and see our beautiful planet. Thats my way to make me speechless and enjoing the moment. 
And of course I try to improve my english. 
It’s still shit. I know that. I will change that. 

 So what happened this week?

This week killed me. Busy week at work. We did 45+ hours. The weather has been realy good thats why. And we need to finish parts of the project until the 27thof july . Thats the date we switch the roads. (The road where the cars driving actualy with the road we are building) But only a small part. But its a huge step for the project. I went to bed early every day to caught some sleep and spent a lot of time with my flatemates. I’m still waiting for some car parts. So I couldnt repair my car this weekend. 
By the way. I bought a new one. ? ? Some people knew thats my idea to make some money. So take the risk. Buy some cars in winter and sell them for more in summer. Thats the time when people arrive. So I spent my money which I saved yet. I will not touch my german money again. 
So thats almost my week. Work my ass of and try to earn some money. No big change to germany yet.

Here we come to my qoute of the week. Good way to end the post this week.

„Be patient good things, take time.“