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Helllööööööööööö everyone. ?
How is it? This is another shorty ? 
less then last week to tell. Just sayin. I’m general labourer during the week and mechanic on weekends. ?
Yeeep. My car has problems. 
Last weekend I signed up for the gym in Christchurch CBD. My first training was on monday afternoon. I decided to go to the gym after work daily. Worked until wednesday. Here we go. This week was my part to drive ( Me and somone from work do a rideshare. He is driving a week and the week after we swop.). Anyway we drove home from work. I recognized the car is not driveing well. I thought its because its not enough coolant in the car becaus one hose has a small leak. I droped my colleague, went home and changed dress. Afterwards I checked the coolant container and it was complete empty. That happened before. I filled it up and drove to the gym. 100 m to the gym my car started smoking and I thought the leak dropped water on the hot engine. I will check it out at the car park. I just drove on the car park and my enginge turned off. My car overheated. FACK.  I left the car and went to the gym. LEGDAY and the car need to cool down anyway. After one hour I finished the my session and went back to the car. checked the coolant water again. Empty again! By the way – you dont drive longer than 10 minutes. The distance is around 4-5 km. 
My car has a big issue ?. So I told my workmate that he has to drive tomorrrow and drove back home. I took me 45 minutes to get home. I had to stop any k (1 km).  Its not the problem which makes me nervous. I dont know whats wrong with the car. Thats it. But I could defently say its omething wrong with the radiator/coolant system. You can do all by yourself. Unlsess one thing. HEAD GASKET ?. I will fix this all by my own and hoping its not the head gasket. I dont have the tools for that. 
So I searched solutions for my problem the rest for the week. 
I ordered new material the rest of the week. One new hose for the leak and other stuff. I didnt have any tools on friday. So I decided. Go to bed early and start early on saturday. I bought one new thermostat on friday evening on tradme ( like ebay in nz). My problem now. No car. Do everything by walking. Yeeeeeei. 
Pictures of the week:
Woke up on saturday around 7 and left the house on 7.30 I had to walk 5 km one way to pick up the thermostat. My plan was to be home at 10. Did not worked out. But didnt matter. I started to do everything checked a lot of  youtube vids and checked google. It getting dark around 5 o clock. So thats  where I had to finish all my work and I recognized I couldnt finish.
I hadnt enough tools. So new plan: Start early on Sunday morning. But I walked to the next Bunnings ( toolshop / nz’s – OBI).(another 2.4 k’s (30 min by the way) When I was just about to walk through the door I noticed REPCO on the other side of the street. Whats the time? 17.18 and REPCO closed at 17.30. Went in to REPCO. Better desicion at this point I found all my tools on discount. (Socket and rachet set) 
I bought all my stuff and went to Bunnings still. But it is not the cheapest place to buy your stuff. So I went home. 
I finished this day with around 18 km of walking and spent facking 4-5 hours on car/ internet to searching all the car stuff. 
But Its fun. I like to do that. The main reason: save money. Meanwhile it gaves me a good feeling. And I’m a motherfacking monsta anyway. So woke up early on sunday and did aaaaaaaaalllll the stuff I have to do to deal with the first solution. Defect thermostat. It is realy easy. Just sayin. Belive in yourself and do it by yourself (whats not an big issue) . Not only car stuff.
A lot in life seems harder than it is.    
And by the way. After the last screw the rachet broke. Before I tested my car. Josh and Cassy went to Bunnings I asked for a lift and they denied. 
No just joking the took me along. THANKS FOR THAT. Saved my ass. 
I went to REPCO and told them my problem. Without any problems I got my refund. After we headed back. The moment was real. 
Turned the car on, heater on max. and let it run for about 10 minutes. 
In the end I can say. It wasn’t the thermostat. The car is still overheating.? But doesnt matter. I ordered a new radiator. Complete new one. Will change this on next weekend. I’m facked if my colleauge is sick during the week. I’m not complete in controll of the situation AND I HATE IT. 
From now on: patience. Not only for me. Either for you.  
I know whats coming. And I will shared with you. 
My qoute of the week is my perfect match. And I will shared it on Instagram shotrly aswell. If you dont follow me there yet.
You can do it HERE!
Thanks for coming. I enjoy the stats of the people who read this every week. I appreciate this. Good day to be alive ?