how are u? ? 
I’m totaly crashed. This week has been facking busy. 
I worked 50+ Hours this week. Monday-Saturday. So there is not much to tell. This will be a short SUNNY ?. But dont stop reading. Take this two minutes ? .  
I can tell you this week was fun. There is only one problem. Everyone on side knows you are german. 
And you are the only german under 120. That produced many new conact between me an some guys I didnt know yet the last days. You get something to hear if you pass a group or some british guys. ? I dont take it personal, I wasnt playing. Of course they lose then. ? The following pictures are showing, what I got to hear: 
But this isnt about football on this blog. This is the project I’m working on: 

And this is the recent drone footage:

On Sunday I was looking for something new. Did you knew that Christchurch became sacrifice by an earthquake in February 2011? 185 people died. As a memorial to those who lost their lives in the Earthquakes, at 236 Cashel Street (Christchurch Central) are 185 empty white chairs covering 185 square metres of lawn. 
That gave me goosebumps. So beautiful and sad. Note the child’s seat in the first row. 
Source: Wikipedia 
6.2 earthquake occurred in Christchurch on 22 February 2011 at 12:51 p.m. local time.  Christchurch’s central city and eastern suburbs were badly affected, with damage to buildings and infrastructure already weakened by the magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake of 4 September 2010 and its aftershocks.  The earthquake was felt across the South Island and parts of the lower and central North Island. While the initial quake only lasted for approximately 10 seconds, the damage was severe because of the location and shallowness of the earthquake’s focus in relation to Christchurch as well as previous quake damage. 
185 people from more than 20 countries died in the earthquake.Over half of the deaths occurred in the six-storey Canterbury Television (CTV) Building, which collapsed and caught fire in the earthquake.  Of the 185 victims, 115 people died in the Canterbury Television building alone, while another 18 died in the collapse of PGC House, and eight were killed when masonry fell on Red Bus number 702 in Colombo Street. In each of these cases the buildings that collapsed were known to have been appreciably damaged in the September 2010 earthquake but the local authority had permitted the building to be re-occupied (CTV and PGC buildings) or protective barriers adjacent to them moved closer to areas at risk of falling debris (Colombo Street). An additional 28 people were killed in various places across the city centre, and twelve were killed in suburban Christchurch. Due to the injuries sustained some bodies remained unidentified. Between 6,600 and 6,800 people were treated for minor injuries, and Christchurch Hospital alone treated 220 major trauma cases connected to the quake. Rescue efforts continued for over a week, then shifted into recovery mode. The last survivor was pulled from the rubble the day after the quake.

Nele and me went to the diamond harbor on sunday evening to see the sunset. But we have been to late. It has been dark already.I can still say it is a beautiful spot to be and we will return. I took some shots, but I’m not statisfied with them. I will show this spot in future.

I had still a great time with Nele. One of the best things what could happen. Meet awesome people while traveling. Earn good feelings, we looking for nothing else in life.

Thank you very much for your 2 minutes today. Thanks that you are alive. Do something good today ?.

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You dont know what happens tomorrow.

Quote of the week for me:  „Dont take life for granted“