Hellö and whaaat uuuuuuuuuuuuuup? 
How has your week been? Isn’t the time running fast as fAck? Another week is gone. I am one week closer to summer. ? 
I love to live here, but there is one huge thing to complain about: isolation.
The place where I am living is awesome, but not at night. It seems like the house has no isolation at all. 
There is one heater in every room but that change not really anything. But I am still happy to have one to dry clothes or put my shoes beneath. I’m sleeping with 4 blankets, hoodie,pants and thermo socks. ? 
But I still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night.
The weather this week went crazy. From cloudy monday, to rainy tuesday, to sunny wednesday, to foggy thursday and winterwonderland in the morning on friday and fucking spring on friday afternoon.
That took influence on my work shifts. 
Monday worked
tuesday halfday 
wednesday off – has been to wet from tuesday
Back on thursday!  My task: watch out for bigger stones on seald road.

Walked down the new highway in triangels with the head down, always. Neck is facked up. ? I noticed: to much time for overthinking. One thought was: I earn way more money for searching stones, then in the office in Germany after apprenticeship. My actual wage aprox. 1500 € after tax in winter ( less hours – aprox 35-40 hours) and I dont have any apprentice or certificates in labouring.

Our side did BBQ at smoko (paid break at 10 am for 30 minutes – but its 45 minutes most of the time).

Its realy wired to eat BBQ at 10 am, but when you recognize the eat habbits of kiwis you notice its normal. They eat chips on white toast for breakfast. EVERYDAY. (And its not only one person/see picture)
My agency was in charge for the BBQ. Agency? Yes right max is an agency. They lied to me. But I have work, that is what counts for me actually.
Doesnt matter ?. On friday I woke up at 4 am. I was shaking. It was so cold. I prepared my food and changed my clothes.
The rest of the time I tried to read. But I recomment not to read when you are tired. Its a waste of time. 
After my first step outside I realized that everyhing was frozen. I was lucky that I woke up that early, I had to unfreeze my car. That took time.

It took nearly 30 minutes. But fack – the world looks beautiful.

I’m actually in the situation – I can’t do much during the week. So I try to get a lot done on weekend. 
On weekend you have to take a look after everything. Doing laundry, food shopping, car stuff. Everything comes together at one point. Not only fun stuff. So what have I done on Saturday? Just took care of my car AND have been to an awesome place.
Cashmere Hill Lookout – totaly worth! What would you say? 
I’m sure everyone have seen the german game (except you Jonas ?).
I watched at the casino in Christchurch.( random note for you: I’m 10 hours ahead of Germany) So kick off was at 6 am. I woke up at 5 am. I was totaly frozen ? so I decided to take a shower. I felt sorry for my flatmates.
Afterwards I head to the casino and I’m sure thats not the last time I have been there. Such a nice place and open 24 hours on weekend. The casino had a huge screen. Not many people around. 
I was alright with that, was here for the game. What to say? Facking good game. Second half was worldclass.
I went crazy when the goals happened. Alone ? But doesnt matter. 
After the maaaaan toni kroos scored I decided to do anything afterwards. I had the feeling that this game has been at least as thrilling as the final 2014. If not even more. I felt pretty pumped ?. I decided to do the briddle path. I went home and just changed my shoes. 
The bridle path is one of the attractions around christchurch. If you read my post you will notice the name – I worked there 2 weeks ago. Thats how I knew about it. The path took 2 1/2 hours. My legs will definitely notice tomorrow. Just take a sec and take a look: 

Note: Be careful and pay attention If you go hicking soon or want to do the same track. 

There is a huge hazard: falling stones/rocks.

As I was staying at the top I realized – I took the right way. Not only on this path ?. I know my peops ( ? )

I dont know how the future looks like. But I’m sure nothing can bring me down. I can totaly handle myself and I don’t care what other people think. Thats none of there business. New Zealand was the right desicion at this point in my life!!! And I’m just 6 weeks in the game. That is just the beginning of my journey…