Wie gehts? I hope you’re well. 
Thanks for coming back. I appreciate the stats of people who read my stuff every week. 
My week was filled with work, gym and shopping. 
Sounds awesome ?. But there is something I have to tell.
On sunday evening around 21.10 something happened. I was reading in bed. Suddenly everything starts to wiggle. 
Wiggle changed in to hard shaking. Everything within seconds. 
It wasnt really scary. But I didnt know what to do. After 30 seconds the earthquake was gone. I was still sitting in bed. And now? Is there more coming? I waited a few minutes. Afterwards I went in to the lounge.
I had no experience until that point with that kind of situation. My flatemates were sitting and talking like nothing happened. ? 
So I asked If that kind of earthquake have been a strong one and they told me that this kind of scale is between normal/weak and happens time to time. Calm down and take it easy. Nothing special. 
But still special for me. No earthquake virgin anymore ?. 
That moment was weird. You cant do anything about it. 
You have to wait until its over and you dont know when it comes to that point. And is that the only one? Is there more coming up? Is it getting stronger? In that moment you are not in control the situation owns you  and you know nothing. You can only hope for the best. 
What did I learn? Respect nature! 
The crazy thing also, earthquake happens almost daily but we don’t notice because there are to weak. The scale of eathquake is exponential. 4.0 sounds alright. The earthquake from 2011 (185 people died in Christchurch) had a magnitude of 5.7. Doesn’t sound realy much more. But it’s like 200 times strong than the earthquake I experienced. 
The rest of the days until saturday passed by. After work went to the gym go home, sleep, repeat. 
Worked on Saturday either. But only halfday. ? After work changed dress went to gym and went to the movies in the evening. 
The equalizer 2 ?. I can defintly say. Denzel Washington is bad ass. Sure he is an actor. But he is not 22 years old. 
And even he has a double. He is still doing great movies. My scale for this movie 7 out of 10.
 I had a realy bad night on sunday. Didnt sleep well..
I felt wasted. But there is nothing more to talk about, I hope it will rain during the week to get more rest. But I thing thats not gonna happen because of the traffic switch on friday. 
Have a good one. See you next week! ? 
End with the qoute of the week! 
„take life day by day 
and be grateful
for the little things.
don’t get stressed
over what you can’t control.“