Hellööööö ?
wie geht’s? I hope you’re doing well. ?
My week started as I had hoped(was hoping). Monday and tuesday also have been only halfday workdays. Realy (?) bad for my salary, but good for my little recovery. Not really. I used the time to swap my car insurance to the new car going to the gym early and shopping. I used the time also to read. Actually I read Tony Robbins again -> unlimited power.

(*affiliate link – you support me without additional costs for you). I can highly recommend this book. I link a short summary below.

I think I shouldnt write my personal review about the book because everyone has to make his own choice. All I can say is – If you like personaldevelopment or get to know yourself better it is one of the books you can start with. There are also a lot of books by John Strelecky! I will tell you about that another day. What have you done this week? ? Did you have a hard/bad week. Head up this week is almost over. And you can reset and start every morning. ?
There is something I want you to think about: Where/ for what did you spent the most of your time this week or maybe the last days? Was it worth? 
Did you learn something? Can you improve it? Did you spent 10 hours on Instagram? Was it worth? Or 10 hours you lost. ? Maybe you can make a deal with yourself read one book about something you care about or might bring you a new skill. For every Hour you read you can chill 10 minutes on Instagram. Just for example. The reason I bring that up is, I think we can/should use our time better. Raise your own value and make the amount of time you lose smaller. I talk about the no brainer time. The time your brain don’t have to work that much. Watching YouTube, Instagram, Snapchatsnitches, LoveIsland, TV, Movies, Facebook. You know what I am talking about. Use the time for gymtime, preparing your next adventures( you are welcome to be my travel mate starting in November), read books, do a online course or spent time with good friends you would die for(or you think they will be in your life forever at least). I think you can do what you want. But I promise you will regret your time lose later. Thats my sunday prayer for you guys. I dont know If anybody care. But I tried. And If you think more about you its good. Nobody else is doing that for you. You have to walk the path which is called life. There will be people around maybe for longer term. But the one person who is around the whole time is you. I can highly recommend spent time with yourself to develop. 
I will will leave you with this!  
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