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Hellööö ? 
How is it? We reached August. HOLY MOLY! Crazy my 4th month is starting already. And I have seen just christchurch yet. ? 
But its all about patience. I dont know who read the last part ( feel welcome to catch up just click here), I hoped you enjoyed that part. 
Everybody who knows me very well knows that I talk about that kind of stuff sometimes. 
I didnt feel really well during the week. To much stress with the agency. There arent really nice to people. And they make money with people. How is that working? 
People are disgusting. But not all of them. Lets talk about my highlight this week.
I did  my first streetcut with a roadsaw. That was fun ? 
Saturday evening. I didnt  do much after work and I was about to start cooking. 
My flatmates josh and caro have been in the lounge also. Caro ( 27 year old woman from the netherlands, traveling since 6 years) was getting ready and she told us that she will heading out later this evening. 
She asked me If I wanna join. Fack yea. Why not. Havent been out for month. But I couldnt spend any money. (The last payment has been bad) 
Thats what I told me… 
But we have been confused. We knew that she is really new in town, who does she know? 
Someone she never met before. She just respond to one facebook ad. 
And by accident it was another girl from the netherlands. 
We headed out later this evening. We picked up the other girl and I left my car at my old hostel area. I know there are some free parking spots. 
We walked trough the streets in to the cbd. We ended up in fat eddies. 
Everyone who is or going to be in Christchurch I can highly recommend this place. 
Beautiful bar. Realy nice style. Mixed people. Everyone has fun. Nice live music. But drink before you head out. Doesnt matter where you go.
We enjoyed our time for about 2 hours and afterwards we went to another place. Caro saw one mexican party on facebook. So we thought. Give it a chance.
Biggest flop. No one has been there. ? Just a few old people. 
The rest of the cbd has been realy quite. So what should we do? 
We headed back to fat eddies. Facking hell. The entrylane was facking long. Around 200 people. 
The other holland girl didnt had her passport with her. The other doorguy before has been nice and let us pass. We decided to give it a try again. 
After a few minutes in the lane I saw one smiley face really close to the door. This person was facking drunk. 
It was Josh ? with cassy and there friends. They got drunk at our flat and took a uber to fat eddies. Thats the way everybody should do it. ? 
We ended up with not getting access. Because they didnt accept the ID from the other holland girl. 
So Caro and me decided to stay outside also. We got a bit hungry so we went to burger king. Thats how our evening ended up ?.
It was really fun and we had a really good time. ? 
Thanks girls ?. 
Its sunday now. Its 16.32 and I will post this soon. Cook and wrap my week up with the gym I guess. Holy Moly what kind of beauiful people you meet while traveling. I am sure you can meet this person during living and working at one place also. But I would say its different. The vibe. 
Behave yourself. Take care. Invest in yourself. Have a good one :).
My qoute of the week is: