Hey ho guys ?,
to be honest I feel really tired. All that kind of work makes me feeling wasted.
But its not forever and I know whats coming. I started to think about my traveling and get excited every time I get lost in my thoughts. 
How was your week? Short as mine? When you are always working the time is running fast. Isn’t it?  
We are close to one huge step on side. The traffic switch – that means that the first puplic traffic gets access to a part we build. One lane first and the other lane one week later. 
After that happens we gonna be so facking bussy again. We will remove the street where the traffic is actually driving on. Thats about work for now ?. 
Our flat planed a gaming night for so long. It happened this saturday ?. We played card against humanity. I knew it already. I can just recommended to you guys. If you have a dirty mind also ?. 
(*) click here to buy it and support me ?. And also Caro and me decided to buy german beer. By the way its one of the cheapest beers over here. So everyone who is looking for cheap alcohol – Krombacher! ? 
We have our own bar by the way. So everyone got totally smashed. Except caro and me. Was fun tough. 
We have been to the botanic garden on friday night. The lightshow was presented from wednesday to sunday. We tought about it to go on thursday but we decided to watch moana instead (great movie by the way. disney delivered!). 
So we went there on friday. Fack me. It has been so packed and crowded the line was unbeliveable long in two directions so we decided to be back earlier on sunday. The „show“ which was more than a walking track started at 6 to 9. But they opened the gatearound 5.30. We have been there around 6. They closed the gates again because there have been over 4’000 people inside already. But we were close to the gates so we just waited around 10 minutes and the next group got access. 
And I realized once more that I bought the Sony Alpha 6000 was one of the best decisions I took. The low light performance is nuts.
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If you see any improvements or Ideas just let me know. I am really going to post more. But actually there is not the time to workout my notes yet. I will at some point. Take care. Behave. Catch up with you next week ?.  
Lyrik of the week:
„Sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts, and no second chance. Sometimes it’s now or never.“