Hey ho what’s uuuup mate?
The weather is soooo good down here and everything is moving forward.
On sunday I went to my recommended sparky mate and we built a second car battery in my car. ? Now I have always POWER! Not really cheap. But its worth, trust me. While traveling power and reception are very rare. ? 
This weather is mealting me while working ? but doesnt matter. Only 7 weeks to goo ? so pumped. 
Monday was puplic holiday – labourer day and we got a day off but earned some money. Less than actually working but I will not complain about receiving money while not working. ? 
Suuuuuuuuunday is always fun-day. I mean every day can be your best day. Just make it. 
So for what have I been up to that sunday?
So I did the battery thing, cleaned my car and my room aaaaand facking much more. During last week I posted an ad on facebook if someone is keen to join to do an adventure on weekend but nobody replied. So I drove down to  Barneet park walk. Parked my car and I was about to walk. Actually I was already 3 minutes walking. Just around this time I received a message: „Just saw your post. You still wanna do something?“ I replied: „Yea now?! I am about to do a walk you wanna come? Can pick u up asap. Are you that spontaneously?“ .. And she said: „Sure, why not.“ And thats how I met Saskia.

I picked here up and drove back to the park to do the walk. I turned out that this walk isnt really well known. Its started really normal. Like a nice path. But at some point you couldnt see the path. At some point we had to do a little jungle walk including jumping about fences. We also needed to climb over entirely destroyed stairs. We ended up in a beautiful cave high about the ocean.

What a facking awesome walk. I really loved to do that. I missed out to take a picture from the carpark. You could see the cave from down there but it was way higher and far as we thought.
Next stop? Cave Rock. Nothing special. But a really beautiful cave rock ?.
And to finish this nice sunday we went to my favorite lookout – cashmere hill. 
Just have a look. Clearly NO FACKING WORDS NEEDED. (I recommend to have a look on PC)
Monday have been public Holiday in NZ so we decided to visit the art gallery. Of course the main reason was – no entry. 
Nice little place. But wouldnt pay for that. ? 
We finished this awesome two days with castle hill. 
Always a pleasure. I rather do this, than die scared in a facking office. And of course I know this is not on time its wednesday evening but I had not the time yet. Also the english got worse. Sorry. I am tired. Whatever. ?