Hey Ho, this weeeeeek thooooo. 

Facking nz weather bro. The week started with 20 degrees and sun. I got my first sunburn down here while working. 

While work I used to wear saftey glasses. Look like an alien or a big fly. ?  

So my face was brown on tuesday but not where I wear my glasses. These spots are still white. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIS. Fack that. And In the end I could only  work 45 hours. 

Wish I could do more. Would make it easier for me. But 

during the week and the weekend I could organize 2 new things for my car ? ? ?.

There is progress. For my main car ?. Finally I ordered roof racks. Its hard to find these for an older car. But I finally found them and hopefully they fit. ? There are not that expensive but I am planning a lot of stuff so I wanna be sure there are fiting. 

I bought month ago two roof bags. We will see If one of them fit and If not I put them on my other cars, so I would have a positiv advantage compare to others. ? We will see. I have to order a new one for my car then but that wont be a problem. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND I got really excited about the other thing I organized.

I got a second car battery what means I got a sparky (elektriker) to do me a favor and build me a system that my car will have always power If we stay or drive. Of course I will give him a hand to check out how it works to do it by my self later. ? 

Its not a big deal. It is a bit expensiv including the material. But its an investment. And when I leave the country my car is facking prepared for everything. Even If my odometer shows a bit more kms as the other cars. But as I said I wanna have it so I have to deal with the cost ?. 

But the caaaaar will be soooo sick. Thats so fun. Lucky me ?. So smaaaart ? just kidding. 

Will show the results soooon ?. 

Last words for this week :