Hello, another week. 
hope you are doin well. 
I got my new wof for all my cars now ? after changing the windscreem for one car. ? 
Now its going to serious. Put the cars on th market during the next two weeks ?. 
Exciting. The people around christchurch have a big problem.  The petrol price increased around 30 cents in the last three weeks. There is one petrol station 5 kms out of Christchurch which is cheaper than any oher station. I went to this place and nobody was there except for the guy wo was working there and I asked him why his station is so much cheaper. He told me that with any refill of his tanks he has to increase the price because he has to pay more for refilling the tank. And he is thingking that the price is raising over 3 $ around january. The actual price is about 2,48$ and his station was about 2,36$. How did I know that it was that much cheaper? If you are around NZ download the app : gaspy it will show you the cheapest petrol stations around. 
So the price went up by 30 cents in the last 3 weeks and its not stopping by now. There is an protest incoming where a lot of people on social media will not refill there tanks on the 27/28/29 of october. The price sounds high. But its still cheaper than in germany. But you still earning the same money but there are bigger cost coming up. So even on the otherside of the world you have to deal with problems like this ;). So you cant run away from problems. But What I have to say for me. The problems I got overseas are easier to deal with and I can take way more action. I am more in charge for myself. That puts me in a better position. ? But I mean you are always in charge for you life. If you dont like something chnage it. If you are to scared shut up and deal with it. Get along with that. But you should pick up the stones on your way and start building an empire. 
Your own. Doesnt matter how big, impressive for others or whatever… your world your priorities. 
So my week was filled with 50 Hours of work. And dealing with my cars. Doing service with all of them by myself. I highly recommend to push yourself more in that kind of positions. You educate yourself and afterwards you can deal with even more things they come up. Or even copy and paste on other similar situations. 
Educate yourself. Mind is sexy. We all got problems. I think the difference between people is how much time and how much room they give the problems in their world. 
This development thing is not stopping. Never. Read something you are intrested in. Lean how to make money. Spend time with interesting people. What I did during the week was listen to a podcast. Elon musk was the guest. Intresting man. And he dont answered the questions straight away. He was always thinking what he wanna say and it was really intresting his view on the car economy in the car branch in the us, what he is working on and the influence of social media. And I already read his biography. Such an intresting person, a world changing and world improving human. We need more of that. 
The podcast as follows:
Do me a favor. Give yourself more room and positiv thinking this upcoming week. 
And If you are in a good mood. Tell other people that they are beautiful, 
It cange there complete day. 
Check the reaction of random people get told there are beautiful… These smiles.

Thank you. See you next week beautiful ?

„picture it NOW! the life you want to have. the smells, the colors, the people, the smiles and accomplishments. 

where you will live, where you will relax, where you will study or meet new people or just DISCOVER. allow yourself to dream and AIM HIGH. 

dissapointment is a part of life, and whenever someone succeeded, they allowed themselves to dream, to expect, and then to fail, and then do all over again, until it worked out.“