Hello ?,
how you guys doin? Its Sunday again ? 
SUNNY-TIME! I changed the side these days because there wasnt enough work on the other side. So from wednesday on I worked outside of Christchurch. Far outside! ? But ey. What a view! 
 I did 24 Hours in 2 Days on this side. First I was a bit worried. The last time my agency put me on another side it was horrobile. But complety different this time. I had to be at a place in town at 6.15 am to get picked up. And afterwards we drove 45 minutes to the side. Not actually to the side. To the smokoroom (assembly point/ kitchen).  The side was still 15 minutes away. 
The people on this side have been pretty nice. Really nice chats about the world, hobbies ad of course food. ? You get really in touch with people if they introduce them self with the first name. 
The weather changed and we were off for friday. So I worked only 4 days but did around 43 hours. Its allright. I dont know If I have work during the next week. Not even sure If I have any work again. But if not. I will find away. ? 
What else have I done? Read my books and spent a bunch of time with my flatemates ❤️. Caro is leaving in the middle of september. Thats shit. And we have one room available still. ? So feel free to join our little house ?. 
So last weekend we started to plan our trip to castle hill. 
We decided to spent our sunday together and do a road trip. ? 
We spent the whole day on the road.
I just finished this blog of the week. Now I am going to sleep. Have a good one. Take care…
Lyrik of the week (german) :