Hellööööööööööööööööö ? 
how have you been? 
Actually I am not working at the moment because there is no work on my side until the switch happened. 
I am really excited to go back. But not sure when this gonna happen. I will start tomorrow on another side for nightshift. I dont really wanna do that but I do that rather then dont have any income.
I hope my agency is reliable this time. And maybe you are wondering why I dont change the agency. Its not really possible to change agency and stay on the same side. But thats what I want. 
We will see how the future looks like. 
2-3 months from now. And everything will change. And its finally summer. Cant wait to meet new people. Living in a flate with other people is awesome but everyone is working and we spend not as much time together as we should. 
So what was the week about? Waiting for my agency really. I tried to get work everyday but they didnt even reply every day. Another reason why you should work selfemployed in your life. 
No one is that reliable as you are to you self. 
So what happened on weekend? 
Finally I met Nele again ?. This was a fun day after a longer time. We hit the road and drove to hororata to see the washpen falls. That was really nice. By the way that is a backyard of one farm. I would love to have a backyard like this. You have to pay 10$, but it is an 2 Hours walk so its okay tho.

Following some pictures –

My sunday was filled with gym, flatematetime and blog creating. 
The qoute of the week: 
Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.