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naaaaaaaaa wie gehts? 
AWESOME. I’m pretty fine and glad you are here.
So what happened this week for me? 
We mad progress on our working side. 
But the weather made us slow down. My company told me to change the side on wednesday because of the rain. That was the day I moved to my new flat also. On tuesday evening I organized my stuff and put all my stuff in the car.
It is ridiculous how much stuff I have after 5 weeks. ? 
I should be at the new side at 6.45 am. That has been the time when I arrived at the new side on wednesday morning. Heavy rain. Noboy was arround. I called the supervisor. I couldnt reach him. I called my company and told them so. They told me to try again or call another guy, I called both. I could reach the supervisor but he told me that there is no work today because of the rain. I called my company afterwards and they told me to hold on. After a few minutes gave me a ring. Go Home!
Alright. I showed up. If you show up and doesnt matter what happens you get paid for four hours. Good for me. But I already checked out from the Hostel. So what to do? I went back to the hostel, because I still knew the code for the front door. The lounge has been my home for the next hours. I knew that I could move to the new flat arround 5 pm. In the afternoon I went for shopping. A few things to pick up for the new flat like blankets.  Afterwards I drove to the new adress. 28 Archer Street Christchurch. ( in case you wanna send me a gift ? ❤️) .  My new home:
My new flatmates are Elliot, Amy, Josh and Jessie. 
Jessie is the british girl from my hostel time. 
Only british peops. ? 
Elliot is 23 years old from Manchester he arrived in January and has been a bit around on South Island. But is working since a few month. The funny thing all peops from the house are working in the cafe in botanic garden.  Except from Josh. He is working as carpenter. He is the only one with resident status also. He is in New Zealand since 5 1/2 years already. He is the guy who is living in the garage in the back. It isn’t a garage anymore. Amy is over 30. But you wouldnt notice. She looks way younger. She is on work permit. 
What else to say about these peops? Not really much yet. They are pretty nice. I got the feeling of family immediately. Thats what counts the most.There will be more to tell in future. 
On thursday I worked on a new side for one day. The side was impressiv. Such a beautiful spot. Take a look: 
There wasnt much to do. I was responsible to hold back the pedestrian at the bottom when a truck arrives. Because trucks drove 100m up the track. On the top there was Dillen another guy from max he stopped pedestrians from the top. We communicate with walkietalkies. It was his first day for max. 
The trucks came in loops and almost all at the same time. The left the material and came back in one hour. The material will be used to build a plattform to put on a crane. And the crane will build a fireexit for the lytellton tunnel. 
We started at 7 am but we didnt know when the first trucks arrive. I went to the bottom of the track at 8 am. After a few minutes a group of 4 kiwis came down the track. One of me asked me if I had off yesterday (because of the heavy rain) and started laughing. We started to have a chat. I asked him how often he is going to do the track and he told me every second day at 6 am. Except for yesterday. He has been there yesterday aswell. Because its more quit when its raining. He recommend to do the track. Now its on my list to do on any weekend in Christchurch.
There wasnt any trucks arriving until 10 am. Meanwhile I was watching youtube. What should I do? Okay I talked to pedestrians a lot. 
Pretty easy job. Truck – youtube – talk to pedestrians. That was the loop for me until 5 pm. ? 
Afterwards I had to walk up the 100m to the side. 100 meters can be very long. I was sweating at the side. I thought: How should I do the complete walk? ? But look at this view. Its totally worth.
But we hadnt finished yet. We had to carve some pipes. That takes an hour.
Around 6 pm it has been so dark we had to finish. Good hours for me that day. 
On friday I was back on my side in rolleston. Same shit different day. 
In afternoon jessie and me went to dominos for the house. Afterwards we all set together in the living room ate togheter and had a chat. Fack yea. Best time ever.  Elliot and Jessie had to work on saturday they went to bed early. I went to bed early aswell. Long week and days made me tired. ? 
Saturday was totaly chill. Played nintendo switch, did random stuff and did some Instagram pictures.  – If you haven’t seen some of them yet. check them here! – 
Sunday wasnt really that good weather. So I did some organisation stuff in the morning. But in the afternoon I decided to do a little roadtrip. 
My destination: Godley Heads 
Nele highly recommended this place. I gave it a go. And I must say. It is beautiful up there. Even by shitty wheather. 
What you need to know about this place:
In 1939, the New Zealand army built a coastal defence site at Godley Head. There were 400 soldiers stationed there at its peak. The coastal defence site closed in 1963.
Thats why you can see the small buildings beside the track. 
But I will go there again. I hadnt to much time. I had to pick up jessie afterwards and we went food shopping. Now I am finishing this text and have to wake up in 9 Hours. And I miss the first game of Germany. The hustle is real boys ? 
See you soon. Have a good one. ?