Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there ?,
how are you? I am pretty good. 
I have done 48 hours this week. And it turned out that was my last week on this side.
Why? Because I was sitting on a handreel at the sissorlift. But not how you think. I am not killing myself for money and of course not for minimum wage. But they didnt ask how I saw the situation they just said … oh big deal.
It happened two weeks ago and I got caught by a dashcam by a passing car. 
I was drilling only one whole and I was leaning on the handreel with my butt. 
Its not my lost its theres ?. I got already a few more job offers. 
I will decide tomorrow. See what happens. Only 3 weeks to go. 
So I could sleep a bit more and rest finally a bit. The drilling including the vibration is not good for your body so Its also an advantage to lose the job.
Everybody said goodbye I really appreciated the time. Thanks guys. 
Except for marc, that fat santa claus left, without saying goodbye. Cunt.
Anyway we had shitty weather the whole weekend. Hopefully that will change in the next three weeks. 
Yesterday was national crateday. That means the kiwis get pissed. They just need a day to drink even more.
But I just lost my job and wasnt really up for drinks. I had an appointment at specsavers (optician) for an eye exam (sehtest + check).
I got this paid by AA (NZ ADAC) its part o the membership. And it has been a while for my me so why not. An actually I was really impressed they cared really well and where pretty nice. It was saturday and it was facking busy but still they where calm and really nice. So I did everything within an hour. Your start with an test for eye prssure and all that stuff than you get a private session with an optician who is taking you to an office with all the machines and he is taking care about everything healthcare of the eye, how good are your glasses and everything. You get an report about your eye scan and all that. I was really impressed. If I go to fielmann or apollo they check just If your glasses are still good and the rest you go to the doctor and here you do everything in one session and its done you dont need to do several appointments and all that stuff. Easy goin.
I spent almost the rest of the day with order stuff I gonna need for traveling and read reviews of gear I might gonna buy, 
Calculatingmy accounts and also make my plan for my bed. How will be the set up? I have it in my mind I will show you the result soon.
Around 5 Nick asked me If we head out to the casino. He made some cash on poker during the week. So I was keen to see how he plays. We went to the casino and signed up for a free clubcard. we got 10 bucks for playing. Nick signed up for the pokertables but all seats where blocked so we needed to wait. We looked around and played console for free ?. FIFA! Nick lost of course ?. He is a nice guy. Happy to have somone like him and his girlfriend around. He is kind of the same person as caro. Very social and spreeding good vibes. 
A bit wired because he is english. Not usual ? ? ?. 
I tried to play at the machines for the free money but fack knows how this is working over here its not as much fun as in germany at the machines. So I saved tthe money and we went to roulette. I put my money on black because the 17 is black and its my favorite number ?.
I won 5 bucks ?. Nick won 10. Because he didnt waste his money at the machines..I kept the 5 bucks for now and we went down to the poker tables. Poor dealers to be honest surrounded by idiots they scream at him at every table the same. They think there are right and the dealer is wrong. I didnt like to see people acting like this. 
Mind your own shit and dont blame other people. If you cant handle it… dont play! wtf?! 
Nick didnt get lucky with the stacks so we left the table. I was just watching. Its not that easy with speed and english and the noise I reckon. But before we left I put the 10 bucks on the roulette table. We lost, but I didnt lose my money of course you could take the 5 bucks out thats like 3 euros. To be honest. Ididnt lost millions I am alright and I dong needto gamble the whole night. We left and headed home. Had a few drinks and I apllied for something I will show you in exactly 5 month. ? 
I couldnt sleep much. Woke up at 6 again after we went to bed at 3 am. 
Today was about thinking. All day long. Whats missing. What material do I need for my car? 
If you follow me on Instagram you could see that the cittys from next door came over to play. So cute ?.
I am happy that I have the chance for a rest day. Now I will figure out what joab  wanna do from tomorrow on and yea thats pretty much it.
I definitely need some sleep. See you next week ? ?