Hello ?
Happy sunny sunday everyone! ? 
This week is over, again. My 20th week overseas. 
Had a hard week on construction but we couldnt do that much hours as we want to.
Because the other temporary labourer (besides me) smashed the finger of my collegue. I dont wanna commant this. 
Just sayin thats one of the reasons I get less hours. 
But at the end of the week there was something coming up I didnt know about.
I went to bed early on friday, I was tired as fack. Otherway around you can imagine that I woke up realy early on saturday. 
I checked my phone and saw a message from Nele. Something like – for what are you up today? 
I was not sure, nothing was really planed yet. So she was asking for a day trip to Akaroa. 
(Akaroa is a really small village next to the sea with plenty of bays. Its approx. an one and half hour drive from Christchurch) 
best roadtrip song by the way: 
Sure. Always wanna spent time with people like her. We set up the time and I got my gear ready. 
The weather was perfect. I would say around 20° and sunny. We went to the mall first to grab food and something to drink before we leave. While we were eating she asked me If I mind to pick somone up. Somone walking on 4 legs. ( I dont even know If something like this exist in english. Its a german thing) Sure we do. And we did. She said dont worry he is really nice. He doesnt sound really nice when you play with him but he is always. We started our trip with picking up the „little“ fella ruster (rusty). 2 years old. Just to make sure. Dogs can change everything ?. Havent be with a dog for a longer time. Made me happy straight away. I wasnt thinking about all the heavy stuff which is coming up in the next week. Just turn off your head and watch this little cute one rushing down the bays and hunting for seagles. For me it was one of the best days I had for a long time. We spent the complete day around and in akaroa. And finished off with the sunset. What a day. ? 
But that was not the end yet. After I arrived home I just sat down and josh asked me what my plans for the night are. And I was like – ehm just arrived home. Nothing really. Okay you wanna play pool? Okay. And we end it up in town until hlf past one. Really cool day ?. 
 I am not sure what I do today. Really tired today. If you need new netflix series – queen of the south and there is the 5 th season of brooklyn nine nine. Because I guess that will be my day today. 
Today is totally start of the last 3 month of the year. time to set up your last power to reach your next steps to reach your goals. Dont let yourself down. See you next week when we all closer to death… so hopefully you did some more steps for your life than. ? 
My favorite qoute of the week is: 
„Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve Jobs“