Hey ho,
welcome back fam. ? 
Its SUNNY-day again. This week was awesome ?. 
Went to the gym and finished my car. I will go to clean it up and put it on Facebook next weekend ? so excited. 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I ordered something really nice for my future adventures. So keep in touch and check my blog or instagram feed constantly. It will be the game changer!
On Saturday morning Amy needed to clean up the garage because liz will leave some of here stuff in our garage. So we cleaned up a bit. That took a while, but it was fun ? 
Oh wait you never heared something about liz, yet right? 
Liz is the best friend of amy and a very nice person. She will leave to antarctic on monday and work for the goverment down there.
She will run the restaurant organisation for the complete research crew. 
That sounds lit. For real. I would like to do that. 
I wish you the best ?. 
And whats better than a leaving party? Christmas/Halloween/ and one british public holiday day mix party. Includes firework, drinks and nice people. 
That night went well and they had a huuuuuge dog down there. I would rather say a pony. Such a huuuuuuuuuuuuge animal. (And the boy was slavering as a waterfall. ? ❤️ ) But Hey dogs are allowed to do so. Its cute in some way. Our make up was also on POINT! 
They played secret santa (wichteln) and cassie got condoms. She said straight away – „Oh hey Nils I have a gift for you. ? „
Ehmmm… – I take it ?. For freeee boys.  I dont mind that ?
But I didnt stay until the end. I was to tired. But I saw the whole firework. Josh spent his WEEKLY rate for that. 
To be honest – NZ is too expensive bro. Josh did a one man show. He run the whole firework by his own. 
He did really well. Nice job boy! ? 

Sunny day – Sunday.

Windy as fuck. I only slept 4 hours. ? Not my best night. Nele and me decided to change plans and dont drive that far today and we do our little road trip next week. But I had also Fun with ther at the beach with another beautiful creature ? 
RUSTY ❤️ little boy. I was excited  to see him again. 
So cute. ? We spent the recovery day at sunmer beach. 
If you are looking for the happiest dog around, that would be one of the places to look at. Dogs are rushing up and down the beach. Hunting for there balls or each other. ? Such a nice place. And make me happy too. Life is beautiful. Even more at the Beach.
See you next week folks. The next SUNNY – day. ? 
I will leave you with that upcoming beautiful qoute:

„you are alive! take advantage of it!“