Hey you ?. 
havent seen you for a week ? are you alright? 
Do you get feelings when you hear one song and the lyriks are matching you life? 
Or it comes to the point that the text sounds pretty close to your situation? Music is awesome. Its emotional.
Music pushs you to dance, cry, laugh, get goosebumps, makes you angry sometimes and at sometimes it helps you to turn off your world for a few seconds. Just forgetting everything around you. Relax, chill and it goes with the flow.  
Or you connect your beautiful time and circumstances with a song. (either way around) I wanna share a song I will remember in years for this time and the text is matching my life partwise also. I will figure it out like always and everything will be alright. ? 
This week was a bit more busy than iI thought. I had to work on nightshift on monday, that meant I had time to have a bit of adveture time with two beautiful people. Garo, Josh and meeee:  We planed this trip for last sunday but we have been so facking hangover that we did this trip on monday. ? This leads us to the governours bay in christchurch. From central to the bay – 30 minutes.
Awesome roads uphill. Your view includes complete christchurch and even further. There is one cafe on the way. The sign of the kiwi. I didnt eat something but the other to said its good. They sell cafe and snacks. Its a beautiful bulding. With a view. 
I can recommend it. Check also my pictures to see it. If u wanna do the track you come along anyway. 
The track we did : Cedrics track/sugarloaf loop track – just starts infront of the cafe. There are also some parking spots. 
Its a really small track 1 hour return including uphill, downhill, small tree part and with a nice view ?. 
If you are in Christchurch and dont know what to do? Do that.  When we came to the highlight halfway trough we did some pictures. I still have to learn how this camera works. ? I tried to figure out how to take pictures with all of us, automatic release but with 2-3 seconds between the pictures. But still I have no clue. ? So all the time I had to walk down to the camera push the button run back pose and run back and push the button again. Just a few times ? classic me ?.
But I think it worked.. ? what would you say? ? 

Awesome day with these beautys. But may you think or last we you told us garo ( its caro by the way. but she told me thats the pronounciation in the netherlands. I am not a retard ? ) is leaving and yea she did on thursday morning so we spent all time we got together. Because she loves us ?. If u wanna check this beautiful person on Insta click on the picture. Show her some love 🙂

We chilled home on tuesday and on wednesday it comes to the last night, ? But I had an idea. 
Why not going to my working side and drive with my 4WD on to the river bed and fly my drone? ? 
So before we headed out this last time we drove down to my side. There are a lot of people doing donuts with there shitty cars on the gravel ground ?. I would do that either but I cant fack my car yet. Josh and me let our drones a bit touching the air. Specialy josh let touch his drone other material. My car for example ?. I dont worry about scratches anyway. 
That was nice. So we did like a little foto/flying session. ?: 
Afterwards we headed out for dinner – little high. Thats a restaurant place including a lot different restaurants. 
Typical. I would say its food between fastfood and rstaurant. Not really expensive but not cheap either. But nice and facking busy.. I had to wait aprox. 1 hour for my burger ?. But it was worth *-* 
Another place I can recommend for people who come/are to/in christchurch ?. 
So she is gone. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you again. You put the vibe around you on another level. Positiv little smile face. Take care of yourself. Pleasure to met you and stay intouch. ? 
What else happens? 
A lot of work and Josh and me had a good friday night – decent talk and beer. ?  
I went to the hairdresser and had the most expensive grocery shopping ever. ? I couldnt save any money this week. 
Fack that. So caro is gone – that means I’m the person in charge for cleaning the house. Thats what I did on saturday mornng. But I will not do that every weekend. Fack that. ? 
And now its sunday noon. ? Finishing the blog, cook and than I will read a book and try to educate myself. 
My lyrik of the week should be about nice people and wish them the best.
But I guess If you dont take action you willnot these kind of beautiful people. Who should xou meet people from other nations otherwise? 
Thats why my lyrik of the week is the upcoming one. I wish you a beautiful weekending. Check my Instagram and Youtube. 
Support means a lot to me ? ? Seeeeeeeeeeeee you to my NEXT SUNNY.