Hello ?, 
how is your life going? 
This was the last weekend with Caro. So we decided to go out on saturday night. We just started drinking at home and watched pictures of a previous trip from josh to the Gallapagos Islands. Lets say. It is on my bucket list now ?. The time passed by and we sit home chilled drink beer and watched pictures. Caro was still sitting in her pyjama when josh totally random said: „Uber is here in 2 minutes“ ? Thats the point where the rush started.
But we all got ready on time. We went to a place in town which is called the cuban. Yesterday was the independence day of chile. There was a big latin party goin on. I didnt expect that but it was really cool and we drunk a lot. ? But we did one hughe mistake: tequila! 
Yea that facked us up. 
But after a while we thought to change the location. Josh knew another good club so we went to the empire. Nice place and a lot of space to dance because it was neary empty. ? Maybe because it was late. But we had fun. That club played good music. We just had fun. They closed at 3 am so we had to leave. When we went out of the street there was a big mob outside argue. All out of sudden one guy knocked the other one out and he was falling like a tree. Straight backwards. Complete knockout. So it got dirty. It seems like 30 to 40 people screamed and punshed each other and he guy was still lieing in the middle of the street. Nobody cared really. Caro was thinking to go over there. But Josh didnt let her. Meanwhile I called the police. Not the best situation to be drunk, but I guess it worked fine. The police arrived during my call. We decided to go home. 
We checked the uber app but it was like 24$ for this 8 minute distance so we said FACK OFF and walk home. What a facking long way ? . 


You all knew the answer whats coming up. 
Not happened ?. We moved this trip idea to monday. But we still wanted to do something. Weended up in new bighton at the beach. Nice recovery walk. Beach and sun is always helping doesnt matter whats going on. 
Even a bad tequila hangover
Caro is leaving durig the week. That will not be the coolest situation but thats who it works on the other side of the world. And you are traveling by yourself. You wont have the same plans. So things like this gonna happen. 
I’m glad to know you. Happy to met you and I look forward to see you again. It doesnt matter where and when. Thank you! ? 
And of Course…. „Fack Tequila“