Welcome ? How are you doin?
So lets have a look. Did you read the first part?
If not you can read it: here
Lets move on. I checked in and I got my roomkey. Number 3. 5 Beds.
One french guy in here. I said: „Hey“. He was like: “                 „. Jeeeep right. He wasnt replying. Allright then go fack yourself.
2 Other beds are used, but nobody around. I was just thinking: I NEEEED A FUCKING SHOWER.
Throw everything on bed and grab my hand baggage where one boxer, small towel and some hygenic stuff was inside because I was supposed to take a shower in Singapore. After showering just go for a walk and food shopping. I was so fucked up, but coudnt go to sleep because of the jetlag. So just 30 Hour without anykind of sleep. Didnt seemed like a big deal for me. Why not move on until 38 hours?
Just going through the city like an actor of the walking death. But I didnt smell like shit anymore.
I could not tell you what I have seen on this day. I havent been able to notice anything.
Went around and to the next supermarket. Which was 45 minutes far away from the hostel.
Realy smart idea Nils to choose this hostel to stay first. Realy smart. -.-
And then walking with 13 kg backpack (because dont leave any stuff in room. trust no one first!) around and bought 2 bottles of water, because I dont carry enough yet.
I should realy notice that I am a realy smart guy! So I couldnt hold on to the sleepless time and went to bed at 6 pm. Jep. What should I say?
I woke up at 2 am and stood awake.
The next few days have been pretty much organizing and stuff.
Like: open bank account, get an IRD Number, bought a car.
Oh wait bought a car? Jeeep I could afford a realy good deal I guess.
You can see it here:
What else have I done?
I would say to many things what everybody dont realy care about.
But here you go some first Impressions:
What else have I done?
Handings CV’s to companys and going to agencies.

What I should notice are the two special people in my room. Cliffy and Jesse.

Cliffy is 58 years old south african guy who is moveing to australia soon.
Hes is living in New Zealand for about ten years now. He has been around the country for several times and thought its now time for another change. Pretty impressive to do this kind of steps at this age. Especialy to move in another country. He asked me alot about austalia. perfect to swap some informations. You couldnt find people like these in europe. I was realy lucky to met him.
Jesse is 21 years old british woman who is living in New Zealand for 19 months now (special visa for people from UK – 23 month). If evertything is working with the visa her next step will be Canada. She moved from home with 17. Went to asia first and have been around the world since. She behaves like a 25 years old woman with childish moments. Nobody whould guess she is 21.
That are the people I spend the most time with actually. I could write hours about them and there awesome stories. But those arent my stories.
This situation will not last long, but this time I will remind forever.