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So guys. How have you been? I have been great.
But dont let wasting any time.
Where should I start?
Maybe my flights. I hoped on my airplane in the evening on 9th of may in Düsseldorf. I had an awesome last day before with a close friend of mine. The time in germany couldnt end any better.
Everybody who is reading this right now has been in an airplane before. There is nothing to tell you about the check in or the airplane.
At least there was one situation at the check for the passport. The german police was checking my passport meanwhile next to me, one woman in age of 40 I guess, was joining the counter next to me. She had her passport in her mouth and I was listening to the woman from german police who said: „for next time stop putting your passport in your mouth, thats not realy nice for me.“ I start laughing. It was just the situation. Funny right? ?
Time was flying by and I was sitting in the metalic thing what takes you in to the air with two wings. Turkish airlines. Good choice. New displays with touch and comfortable Seats. Oh men. Why am I flying just to Istanbul with them?
Oh right. From Istanbul to Singapore aswell. So I am fine.
Just to notice. Black Panther is a waste of time!
I shouldnt listen to the realy good rating. But lets see. 3  and a half hours to Istanbul. On time, no delay. Good.
Arriving in Istanbul in the middle of the night. Not good. It was around 23.30.
My second flight was depature at 2 am. But on the depature displays my flight wasnt notice and I was staying in a realy bussy crowded place. So what should I do?
I dont know where to go. FAck. I am just waiting at this place until my flight shows up.
And after half an Hour the flight showed up on the display.
What are we gonna learn? keep calm and dont worry.
So I knew the place and I can go to the gate. Second time turkish airlines until singapore.
Nice. 9 and a half hours flight on time. No delay.
My plan was to take a shower in singapore. But I underestimate the time. Because I had to go from the one side of the airport complete to the other side.
Allright I have to smell like shit then. The peole around me have to care. Not me. ?
Now we come to the most shity flight I ever had. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU SINGAPORE AIRLINES. I just thought you are one of the best airlines. But you arent.
There is so many to complain about. But I dont leave it here. But If you are jumpong on a flight by singapore sh*ty airlines and if its a long flight, just take winter clothes with you. just saying.
Horrobile flight no movies. Bad display. No energy. 9 hours I dont wanna go trough this experience again. And the worst: no sleep. Thats the reason why I was jetlaged one f*cking week (or may still).
Arrived in Christchurch around 9 am in the morning and had no problems with the security check like I had 5 years ago in Sydney with dogs and cops. I was allright and nobody cared about my drone in the hand baggage.
What to do until 2 pm my check in time in the hostel. Of course going with all my luggage to the first atm.
Selfie time at the woolworth. while i recognize they spell it wrong in new zealand. ?
And after that. Just straight back to the airport, because: free WIFI ?. Sat there just checked my phone and got a new card for my phone.
After an hour I took the bus to the Hostel and checked in.
Dont miss any further stuff. I am gonna post more soon. So follow me on my social media accounts. Glad you are here. Have a good one. ?

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