That are just a few shoots from OZ in 2013/2014. All pictures has been taken by Samsung Galaxy S2 or GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

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You cant imagine how beautiful this world is. And I know, none of my pictures can show you the reality. This is my reality. The most important is missing on pictures: the feelings!

The feeling while you take the picture. breathtaking moments with so many emotional influence. I got feelings every time I see the pictures for real. But there is the difference between me and the person who see this kind of picture for the first time.

The connection. the rare connection to the moment. the connection to the place. the connection to the people. Just to name some examples. This feeling is missing. And here we go. This is my motivation to build this blog, my Instagram, my Facebook and my Youtube Channel. I want more. And my goal is to make people do more something like this. If you have ever think about something like traveling anywhere maybe alone or with friends. Dont waste time. Do it. I guess there is no one who read the text until here, who comes up with: „Thats all bullshit. I love my 9-5 Job and never thought about something like this.“ But If so. I will get you 😉

Enjoy your short stay in all Over Australia in under 100 Pictures. May I touch some one to travel more. Let me know anywhere on social media 😛